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Bye Bye, Miss American Empire by Bill Kauffman

Up Tunket Road by Philip Ackerman-Leist

Local Money by Peter North

Collapse DVD and Book Set

Bye Bye, Miss American Empire by Bill KauffmanNeighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels, and Their Underdog Crusades to Redraw America’s Political MapIn colorful prose, Kauffman takes us across the country and across time to look at the history of secessionist movements. They come from vastly different political backgrounds, but conservative and liberal alike, these groups share the feeling that America is too big to serve the needs of her people–and they want out!
Up Tunket Road by Philip Ackerman-LeistThe Education of a Modern HomesteaderEver since Thoreau’s Walden, the image of the American homesteader has been of someone getting away from civilization, of forging an independent life in the country. What is the nature and reality of homesteading in the media-saturated, hyper-connected 21st century?
Local Money by Peter North An inspiring and practical new book, Local Money helps you understand what money is and what makes good and bad money. It draws on the considerable track record of experimentation with local money around the world and gives ideas to those in the Transition movement and beyond about what has been tried, what works, and what to avoid.
Confronting Collapse Book & DVD Set The acclaimed documentary Collapse, based on Michael Ruppert’s book Confronting Collapse, is now available. Even better, this scary but essential peak-oil duo is available as a set. Learn about the intricate connections between global finance and energy–and what’s going to happen when it all falls down.

Bern Baby Bern!

Feel the Bern, now read the Bern. Chelsea Green is bringing out the first major book chronicling the issues being raised by US Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for president of the United States. The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America is the only book that outlines, in Sanders’ own words and […] Read More..

The eBooks You Crave: Instant Access, Instant Savings

It’s an eBook** summer flash sale! For one week only, all our eBooks — over 200 titles — are 50% off. It’s the perfect time to try something new or just stock-up on new books for the summer. But hurry the sale will end in a flash! eBook Flash Sale for one week only! Need […] Read More..

Dig In: June Roundup

The latest news and opinions from Chelsea Green and our authors, as well as tips and techniques about how you can bring our books to life in your kitchen, backyard, or community, and special sales, promotions and new releases.   Food Lover’s Guide: 25% Off ALL Food & Drink Books Whether you want to make […] Read More..

Food Lover’s Guide: 25% Off ALL Food & Drink Books

Where our food comes from and how it is grown matters. Having control over our food supply is key to a more resilient and sustainable future. A major part of Chelsea Green’s mission is to inspire you with ideas and practical tips. So whether you want to make the world’s best cheese; find a new […] Read More..

Say hello to the new Chelsea Green

We’ve been quietly at work the past months building a new website from scratch. We designed it to be clean, beautiful and easy to use! Over the years you have asked for improvements and we listened with a fresh design that allows you to more easily connect with our authors, dig into our content, buy […] Read More..