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root veggies

How to Build Your Own Root Cellar for the Fall Harvest

Root cellars are a great way to keep your harvest fresh through the cold months. With protection from weather and animals, a root cellar can be just as good as a regular refrigerator. These cellars can be built into a wall in your basement, dug into the ground, or simply buried.  The following excerpt is…

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japanese beetle on flower

Rethinking Pests, Invasive Species, and Other Paradigms

At the first sight of small chew marks on leaves or fruit mysteriously disappearing, you’ll want to get rid of the pest to protect your crop. Your first instinct might be to use pesticides or other forms of extermination. You can save yourself and your crops from using harmful methods by preparing and managing your…

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greenhouse construction

9 Things to Consider When Building Your Own Greenhouse

Daydreaming of extending your growing season and building your very own year-round greenhouse? It’s easier, more affordable, and will provide you and your family with more food than you might think. But before you get started, there’s a lot to consider when building your own greenhouse. The following is an excerpt from The Forest Garden Greenhouse by…

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