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light coming through windows

How to Use Reflected Light to Boost Indoor Food Production

Growing food indoors or in an urban setting can be quite a challenge. You need to find the right kinds of plants, purchase or build tools, and make sure you have lots of time and patience. Oh, and don’t forget making sure your garden gets enough light so it can thrive! If your space doesn’t…

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cold frame with plants covered in snow

Get a Jump on the Planting Season: Build Your Own Cold Frame, Part 1

The trees are bare and the ground is cold, hard, and forbidding in New England. If you’re an amateur gardener who wants to grow your own food, it can be a little intimidating. There are plenty of hardy plant breeds that will grow in winter, or you can do something a little more fun and…

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growing sprouts

Simple Recipes Using Homegrown Sprouts

Gardens have long gone dormant but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying fresh food just because the ground is frozen. Sprouts are a quick, simple, and ridiculously healthy way to keep your localvore appetite satisfied during the winter. And we don’t just mean tossing them in your salad or on top of a…

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