The line of hazels behind Philip are all half sibs from one female parent.

Hybrid Hazelnuts – A New Resilient Crop for a Changing Climate

In the face of global threats like climate instability, food insecurity, and water pollution, scientists are looking to how we use our agricultural land for solutions. One such group of scientist-farmers in Minnesota have collectively spent nearly three decades developing what could be the new ecological crop of the future: hybrid hazelnuts. The following is an…

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leafy greens

Effortless Effort—The Eat-All Greens Garden

It’s hard to imagine starting your garden in mid-March if you live in areas where it snows a lot. What could possibly grow in the near-frozen ground? Eat-All Greens. These plants are sturdy and need little management or help at all, plus you can eat almost the entire plant! Try starting with Green Wave mustard.…

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This avian pest control expert deserves a rest after a long day of helping in my gardens.

Plants & Pests: Will Bonsall’s Advice on "Wee Beasties" in the Garden

“From a plant’s point of view there is little difference between a cutworm, a woodchuck, a blight spore, and, for that matter, us.” “These are all things that in one way or another prey upon it. It is an inevitable constraint of all living things: We escape one peril only to ultimately succumb to another,”…

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Your Starting Place as a Farmer

We don’t often think about how, long ago, the towering and strong trees we see around us in communities and the rows of Christmas trees on farms began as tiny seeds. Much less often, do we think about the people who dedicate their lives to planting and caring for these tress. The first important step…

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thistle against blue sky

How to Manage Invasive Thistle and Improve Your Soil

Tao Orion, author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species, and Katrina Blair, author of The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, are sharing alternative approaches to managing and using plants considered to be “invasive.” Take a look through this profile on two variations of Thistle and check out tips for working with Garlic Mustard and St.…

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cows in a field

Quality Matters: Where to Source Foods

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, especially when it comes to buying food. You want to keep a budget but don’t want to sacrifice good quality or you’re not sure where to get the best products? The first step is to take the time and see what you have access to– farmer’s markets, co-ops,…

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runner getting ready at the starting line

The Revolution in Performance

In the past decade, there’s been more time and research dedicated to understanding athlete’s health and working to implement safety measures to ensure their well being on and off the field. Accomplishing any athletic goal is more work than just working out and eating right. No longer can we look at sports and nutrition apart.…

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compost pile

How to Start a Traditional Compost Pile in Your Yard

As a society, we make a lot of waste, especially in this culture of on-the-go single-serve disposables. As we work toward the Zero Waste Solution with Extended Producer Responsibility and other government mandated universal recycling of solid waste in the works, there is plenty you can do to reduce the amount of waste you send…

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Interplanting and Beyond

Permaculture is more than just a way to garden, it applies systems-thinking to every facet of our relationship to the earth and each other. The three main ethics of permaculture are care for the planet, care for people, and only keeping a fair share of the yields of your productive work (gardening and otherwise). Expanding…

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sheet mulch diagram

The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Mulching

Sheet mulching is a layered mulch system that nurtures the soil. You start with a biodegradable weed barrier like cardboard, and from there build a thick, layered substrate for your garden with compost and mulch. As the materials break down, worms move in, softening the soil below, and creating a healthy, aerated planting bed where…

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