root veggies

How to Build Your Own Root Cellar for the Fall Harvest

Root cellars are a great way to keep your harvest fresh through the cold months. With protection from weather and animals, a root cellar can be just as good as a regular refrigerator. These cellars can be built into a wall in your basement, dug into the ground, or simply buried.  The following excerpt is…

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people protesting

The Power of Nonviolent Direct Action

Some acts of nonviolent protesting put the message out for the public and brings attention to the issue. However, this strategy doesn’t always capture the attention of the people who have the power—the government. Adding strategy to nonviolence brings the attention it needs directly into the face of those who can change the rules and…

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farmland with structure in ground

Why Isn’t Farming Enough?

Years ago family farms were an abundance. Generations of farmers passed the land down in hopes of it continuing to prosper. However, these farms are a rarity; smaller ones are put out of business by large corporations and the cost of maintenance yields no profit. Many farmers have to find other means of making a…

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farm land

Resilience and the Lost Art of Agricultural Inventiveness

After twenty years in academia, Michael Foley began farming first in southern Maryland, and then in Willits, California, where he, his wife, and oldest daughter currently operate the small, diversified Green Uprising Farm. Foley is cofounder of the School of Adaptive Agriculture, a farmer training and education program where he is a board member and…

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test tubes on table

DIY Fecal Transplant – Pretty Close to Miraculous

After suffering from an antibiotic-resistant infection in her bowels, Catherine Duff contracted Clostridium difficile (C. diff). This bacteria can result in damage to the colon and intestines, which may lead to other fatal complications. Though there are remedies to cure C. diff, it doesn’t work for everyone. Fecal transplants are a relatively new procedure that transfers…

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green beans

Four Ways to Preserve Your Green Bean Bounty

It’s harvest season and if you’re anything like us you’ve got green beans up the wazoo. If you’re looking for a new way to preserve the bounty for the fall and winter months, these four salt-based techniques should help. Here’s to months of delicious green beans ahead! The following is an excerpt from Preserving Food…

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No Forbidden Fruit: Life-Changing Applesauce Recipe

If you want an on-the-go snack but are tired of having to buy a new handful of apple every week, this recipe is for you. Bring the fresh taste of the apple with a little sweetness to make your taste buds happy. Plus, you’ll be able to can this applesauce and store it to enjoy…

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compost pile

The Insatiable Call of Composting

James McSweeney is a composting consultant and educator who has been an ardent proponent and collaborator in the community composting movement in the United States. Through his work at the Highfields Center for Composting and current consultancy, Compost Technical Services, James has worked with hundreds of composters, large and small, on everything from site planning,…

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japanese beetle on flower

Rethinking Pests, Invasive Species, and Other Paradigms

At the first sight of small chew marks on leaves or fruit mysteriously disappearing, you’ll want to get rid of the pest to protect your crop. Your first instinct might be to use pesticides or other forms of extermination. You can save yourself and your crops from using harmful methods by preparing and managing your…

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tops of trees in a forest

Seeing the Trees for the Forest

Michael Metivier has been an editor at Chelsea Green Publishing since 2013, joining the staff after earning his Master of Science degree in environmental studies from Antioch University New England. His editing projects have included best-selling and award-winning titles such as Eager, Pawpaw, and Farming While Black. He is also a poet whose work has…

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