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The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor

In response to one of the nation’s darkest labor-history chapters, Congress passed a law in 1894 making the first Monday of every September “Labor Day,” to pay tribute and honor the achievements and contributions of American workers. While the passing of the law helped to improve conditions, standards, and relations there was still work to…

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Why Economic Development Incentive Programs Don’t Work

When it comes to economic development programs, most people are quick to hang their hat on the incentive rack. It’s shiny and big and full of promise. Yet, the stark reality is almost all programs of that nature miss the mark on actually creating sustainable growth. Rather than focus efforts on wooing new companies to…

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Radical Thinking for 21st-Century Economists

The economy is a complex, evolving system, and that’s an empowering thought: it means that every one of us can play a part in shaping its evolution. When it comes to understanding economics you may be familiar with classic texts like Adam Smith’s, but don’t view that as the be-all-end-all, lest you get stuck in…

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Business & Economy

Oil, Power, and War

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Creating a Family Business

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Runaway Inequality, Updated 3rd Edition

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Doughnut Economics

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Human Scale Revisited

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Doughnut Economics

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The MultiCapital Scorecard

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Farm to Table

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Born on Third Base

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Lean Logic / Surviving the Future Set (2-Book Bundle)

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Surviving the Future

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Lean Logic

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Parachuting Cats into Borneo

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The Art of Leading Collectively

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Systems Thinking For Social Change

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The Local Economy Solution

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