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Smoke stacks during sunset

CARBON CASCADES: How to Restore Earth’s Natural Balance

In order to rescue ourselves from climate catastrophe, we need to radically alter how humans live on Earth. We have to go from spending carbon to banking it. A secret unlocked by the ancients of the Amazon for its ability to transform impoverished tropical soils into terra preta—fertile black earths—points the way. The indigenous custom of…

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power plant

The Evolution of Earth, Humans, and Our Natural Resources

We have long been taught that evolution is a process that occurs gradually over millions of years, that change happens slowly without much attention. We’ve come to learn that in reality, evolution happens in fits and starts — very slowly for long periods, then in sudden spurts of rapid change. It may be triggered by…

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oil rig

Our History: A Look at Oil, Power, and War

For centuries, humans have had a very strong interest in oil and it’s only getting more intense. Our dependency is reaching a concerning level which Matthieu Auzanneau speaks to in his book Oil, Power, and War. The following article was written by Frank Kaminski and was published on In Oil, Power, and War, French…

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Business & Economy

Mid-Course Correction Revisited

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Oil, Power, and War

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Creating a Family Business

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Runaway Inequality, Updated 3rd Edition

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Doughnut Economics

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Human Scale Revisited

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Doughnut Economics

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The MultiCapital Scorecard

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Farm to Table

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Born on Third Base

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Surviving the Future

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Lean Logic / Surviving the Future Set (2-Book Bundle)

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Lean Logic

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Parachuting Cats into Borneo

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The Art of Leading Collectively

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