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A 15-Point Urban Food Manifesto

What if farms and food production were integrated into every aspect of urban living—from special assessments to create new farms and food businesses to teaching people how to grow fruits and vegetables so farmers can focus on staple crops. Urban farming is a story of recovery, of land and food, of people, and of the…

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Lessons in Resilience: How to Plan a Successful Farm Business

Humans are extremely resilient beings. We have the capability to create wondrous things out of seemingly nothing and continuously reinvent ourselves. However, when the world is against us, it may seem impossible to accomplish our goals. Leah Penniman, co-founder of Soul Fire Farm, wanted nothing more than to be able to provide nourishing food for…

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How to Make Your Own Mulch With Fallen Leaves

As the last of the leaves fall from the trees, the time has come for countless hours of raking and hauling before the first snowflake falls. While this may be a nuisance for some, for Will Bonsall, this time of year is his “mulching bonanza.” Though the conventional wisdom about tree leaves is that they…

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Community Resilience

Community-Scale Composting Systems

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Farming for the Long Haul

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Making Massive Small Change

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Farming While Black

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The Community Food Forest Handbook

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The Power of Restraint

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The Transition Starts Here, Now and Together

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Together Resilient

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Resilience, Community Action & Societal Transformation

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The Permaculture Book of DIY

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Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design

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Street Farm

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Ancient Futures, 3rd Edition

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The Permaculture City

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The Local Economy Solution

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