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The wonderful world of lemons

We all need to give lemons some more credit because they are truly one of the most versatile fruits. Think of how many foods and drinks you can incorporate lemons into. If you live somewhere warm and sunny year round, you better get outside and start looking for some lemon trees (we recommend Meyer lemons!).…

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Luscious Lemons: Classic Lemon Bar Recipe

Everyone loves homemade lemon squares! These refreshing sweet and lightly tart lemon squares are the best. This lemon bar is the ideal, with a buttery crust that is sturdy but tender enough to bite through and a thick and luscious filling with a balance of sweetness and tangy lemon brightness. Here’s how to make the…

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Springtime Treat: Homemade Dandelion Beer Recipe

You can forget about waiting for your wine to ferment because we have a recipe for dandelion beer that will be ready in just a week! Who knew those weeds in your back yard could make such a fun beverage? Not to mention they’re packed with health benefits: “It’s mostly used as a tonic (the…

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