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The Seed Underground

I liked Janisse Ray as soon as I read the dedication to her book The Seed Underground. "For Wendell Berry—No monument would be tall enough." 

Ray tells stories of her travels in search of heirloom seeds and the families that treasure them. So captivating is her storytelling that it doesn’t matter whether you have ever saved seeds yourself or ever even planted a seed. The Seed Underground is for anyone who loves their home place and their family stories, or wishes they had a home place and heritage to tell stories about. It is for anyone who shares Ray’s anger and despair about how broken our food system is and is looking for signs of hope in the work of seed saving. 

Ray’s beautiful, soulful stories lead to a call to action. "I may not have a lot of hope," Ray writes, "but I have plenty of love, which gives me fight." Read The Seed Underground, and be inspired to fight.

—Fern Marshall Bradley, Senior Editor

Bioregulatory Medicine is focused on an idea of health as much more than an absence of symptoms or disease. Rather, good health is defined as a mode of being comfortable, balanced, mindful, and happy—a state of balance and optimal well-being that permits a person to achieve their ultimate purpose.

Bioregulatory Medicine is a ground-breaking primer to a truly individualized approach to holistic health care.

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