Staff Picks from the Employee-Owners at Chelsea Green Publishing

Oil, Power, and War

Oil interests have an insanely strong grip on our lives. We all know that, right? Countless articles, books, and reports have been written about it. So, when I began reading Oil, Power, and War, I thought I already knew much of the story. Not so.

On page after page, Matthieu Auzanneau delivered fascinating pieces of history, and surprising new takes on commonly accepted narratives—digging deep into the source of power that has shaped our wars, our economy, our politics, our environment, and much more.

Sometimes a book informs our present moment so perfectly that you just can’t stop reading it, or thinking about it.This is one of those books. If you want to understand the United States, and the world, of 2018, read it.


—Joni Praded, Senior Editor

“Rhonda Sherman masters the art of communicating the technical and biological minutia critical to successful worm farming in a personable and easy-to-understand manner. The case studies in The Worm Farmer’s Handbook bring vermicomposting alive! This book is the next best thing to being on an actual worm farm tour. Kudos!”—Nora Goldstein, editor, BioCycle magazine