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An Update on Passive-Solar Living from James Kachadorian

Not only are Chelsea Green authors experts in their fields, from organic farming to green building, but they’re also part of our extended family. So it’s always nice when we get an update on how things are going! The following note is from James Kachadorian, author of The Passive Solar House. To paraphrase Mark Twain,…

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Preparing for Winter: Weatherproofing Your Windows

If thinking about the cost to heat your home this winter has you knitting wool mittens and piling on another layer of blankets, you’re not alone. But did you know that a large majority of that hefty bill comes as a result of poor energy efficiency? If you have older windows it’s likely that air…

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Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Hatchet

When it comes to planning your next DIY project, it’s not likely that you think to yourself, “Gee, I think I’d like to make myself a hatchet today.” But, if you do, today’s your lucky day!  With some scrap steel, a hacksaw, a file, a drill, a bonfire, a bucket of water, and an oven…

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Green & Renewable Energy

The Slate Roof Bible

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Building a Low Impact Roundhouse, 4th Edition

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The New Net Zero

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Reinventing Fire

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Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power, 2nd Edition

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The Woodland Way

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The Greened House Effect

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Nuclear Roulette

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Power from the People

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The Natural Building Companion

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Passive Solar Architecture

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Roundwood Timber Framing

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Masonry Heaters

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The Woodland House

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Build Your Own Earth Oven

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