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More Than a Matter of Taste: The Science Behind Food Preferences

You might remember being a little kid and refusing to eat the broccoli that was put on your plate. But now you can’t get enough of the delicious green veggies. Why is it that your food preferences change over time? Why do you love some foods and despise others? What causes one person to love…

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Connecting the Dots: Finding Balance for Your Body

In recent years the concept of bioregulatory medicine has become increasingly popular throughout Europe. At its core is the notion that good health is a state of balance and optimal wellbeing, rather than the mere absence of disease and symptoms. To find that perfect state, bioregulatory medicine practitioners must remove whatever agents are blocking the healing process…

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Fat is NOT the Enemy: Why What You Think You Know Is Harming Your Health

For decades, we’ve been told that fat is the enemy, that it is harmful to our health and well-being. But the reality is, fat, or certain types of fat, when incorporated correctly into our diets, can actually have powerful health benefits. Take it from Domini Kemp, who for years avoided fat but loaded up on…

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