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An Edible Urban Oasis

More than 80 percent of the US population now resides in urban areas. This number is projected to rise in the next few decades. Finding ways to maximize use of existing open space is imperative, and increasing access to food through sustainable management of edible landscaping is one important approach among many that are underway.…

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What is Massive Small?

What is Massive Small?

It’s more than an oxymoron. Massive Small is a framework for urban development that can make cities more sustainable and resilient. But how does it work and does it make sense for the future? The following excerpt is from Making Massive Small Change by Kelvin Campbell. It has been adapted for the web. The Massive Small…

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oil rig

Our History: A Look at Oil, Power, and War

For centuries, humans have had a very strong interest in oil and it’s only getting more intense. Our dependency is reaching a concerning level which Matthieu Auzanneau speaks to in his book Oil, Power, and War. The following article was written by Frank Kaminski and was published on In Oil, Power, and War, French…

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Politics & Public Policy

Local Is Our Future

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Making Massive Small Change

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Oil, Power, and War

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GMO Myths & Truths

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The Community Food Forest Handbook

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Runaway Inequality, Updated 3rd Edition

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Doughnut Economics

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The Power of Restraint

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Vandana Shiva

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The Transition Starts Here, Now and Together

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A Precautionary Tale

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Together Resilient

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Resilience, Community Action & Societal Transformation

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Human Scale Revisited

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Doughnut Economics

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Rules for Revolutionaries

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