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12 Books for Essential Earth Day Reading

As we celebrate Earth Day, hopefully you’re inspired to do some reading about our great planet. We complied 12 books to get you going from farmland to global warming to economics. If you want to initiate change, the best way is to learn as much about the issues impacting Earth as possible and start conversations…

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Overshoot, Collapse, and Creating a Better Future

The concern for Earth’s sustainability has been a topic of conversation for several years now, though it seemed like an impossibility that we would truly reach the point of collapse. The environment can only take so much gas emission, over farming, and plastic. What can you do to minimize your human footprint and take care…

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droplets on spiderweb and plant

The Miracle of Farming: Toward a Bio-Abundant Future

Farmers have a close relationship with nature, seeing life cycles happen right in front of their eyes marvel in what the earth can produce. We wouldn’t survive without their help. Appreciating the natural world, giving what it needs in order to flourish and providing the essentials to survive is an important process. There’s beauty in…

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Nature & Environment

Walking with Trees

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Water in Plain Sight

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Trees of Power

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New Farmer Library Set

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Gwen the Rescue Hen

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The Biotime Log

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Call of the Reed Warbler

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The Balance Point

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The Visionary Spirit

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Gods, Wasps and Stranglers

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