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honeybee on flower

Speaking for the Bees

“Having a relationship with the rest of nature is knowing that we can, if we wish, rekindle our lost connections, because somewhere deep inside us all, there lives a little spark of ‘wild’ just waiting to be ignited.” —Brigit Strawbridge Howard Our planet is home to at least 20,000 species of bees—a statistic most of…

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Adding Our Voices to the Global Climate Strike

By Jill Kiedaisch, Content and Brand Manager “If I have to face up to the reality of climate change as an 11-year-old, then so do you.” The words of one of the countless youth speakers who shouted into microphones at “5,800 events in 163 countries” around the world last Friday, September 20, 2019. Millions of…

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bee on honey comb

A Nest of One’s Own

Bees are commonly thought to live together by the thousands. Many people picture a buzzing hive filled with bees, all working together to take care of the young, collect pollen, and promote the overall health of the colony. However, there are thousands of species of bees that aren’t part of a colony. These solitary bees…

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Nature & Environment

Towards Zero Waste

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Wetland, Woodland, Wildland

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Dancing with Bees

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Call of the Reed Warbler

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The Balance Point

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