How Much Electricity Do You Use?

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 10:01 am by admin

Yeah, you pay your electric bill every month, so you know how much you spend. But do you know what that money is powering? Would you have guessed that your electric kettle is one of your most power-hungry appliances? Or that your television is one of the least? Knowing where the electricity in your house or apartment is being burned will help you quickly fix the problem areas—saving you money every month and reducing your carbon-footprint.

The following is from Energy: Use Less–Save More by Jon Clift and Amanda Cuthbert.

The amount of electricity consumed varies hugely according to which appliance and model you use. Check out the list below to see which are the hungriest appliances. All figures given here are approximate – see your actual appliance for accurate figures.

Appliance Average watts used per hour
Low-energy light bulb 11
Extractor fan 75
Laptop computer 75
Conventional light bulb 100
Stereo 100
Television 100
Video recorder 110
Refrigerator 125
Desktop computer 150
Freezer 300
Hair dryer 750
Microwave 750
Vacuum cleaner 800
Toaster 1,000
Iron 1,000
Dishwasher 1,000
Small portable heater 1,000
Washing machine 1,200
Stovetop (1 burner) 1,300
Oil-filled heater 2,000
Fan heater 2,000
Large portable heater 2,000
Deep fryer 2,000
Oven 2,150
Electric kettle 2,250
Demand water heater 3,000
Electric shower unit 8,000
Stove (everything on) 11,500

To test the actual electricity usage of your specific appliances, I suggest getting the Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor.

What do you unplug to save on electricity?


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