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ISBN: 9780963810915
Year Added to Catalog: 1996
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w photographs, charts, appendices, indexresource lists : index
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 334 pages
Book Publisher: Polyface
Old ISBN: 096381091X
Release Date: July 8, 1996
Web Product ID: 264

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Salad Bar Beef

by Joel Salatin

Table of Contents



Considering Salad Bar Beef

The Salad Bar Beef Opportunity

Why Salad Bar Beef?

What Is Salad Bar Beef?

What Is Wrong With the Beef Industry?

Fat Animals, Fat People

Developing the Salad Bar

Family Background

Getting Started

What Kind of Pasture?



Pond Advantages


Choosing a Breed

Choosing a Bull

Handling Facilities

Electric Fencing

Paddock Layout

Harvesting the Salad Bar

Grazing Philosophy

Matching Seasons, Nutrition and Grass

Grass Observations

Cow-Days: Measurements and Applications

Moving Cattle: Logistics and Economics

The Mob

Monitoring: Watch the Cows

Maintaining the Salad Bar






The Eggmobile

Soil Fertility

When to Apply Soil Amendments

How Much Hay?

Making Good Hay

Winter Hay Feeding: The Nutrients

The Hay Shed: Nutrient Capture and Cow Comfort

Pigaerators and Compost

Marketing the Salad Bar

Relationship Marketing

Sales Versus Profits

Developing a Clientele

Communicating with Customers

Processing and Regulations

Pickup Day Logistics

Extending the Salad Bar


Cooking Salad Bar Beef


Appendix A: Newsletters

Appendix B: Resources


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Format: Paperback
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