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“Marijuana Is Safer” Author Steve Fox Debates Heritage Foundation

Steve Fox, author of Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? [1] debated Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation on MSNBC [2] about ending marijuana prohibition.

Host: 56% of Californians…support legalization of Marijuana. Why do you believe so many people, at least in that state, are on your side?

Fox: I think what is quite clear here is what we’re confronting here is reality. That people finally realize that marijuana isn’t the dangerous drug that the government has made it out to be, for so long. They realize that marijuana is a substance that’s really less harmful than alcohol and they don’t think adults should be punished for simply making the rational choice to use something less harmful than alcohol.

See the entire interview on YouTube [3] via MSNBC [2].