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8 Must-Read Books for Your 2019 Reading List

Are you new to the Chelsea Green community and aren’t sure which book to read first? Or maybe you’re a long-time fan and want to continue your binge-reading but need some fresh ideas. Regardless of how you got here, we can help! From the enlightening and thought-provoking to the quirky and fun, we, the Chelsea…

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Car Survival Tips for Severe Winter Weather

Now that temperatures have started to dip below freezing, and most folks living in colder climates have witnessed their first snowfall of the season, it’s time to get serious about winter preparedness. Especially when it comes to driving! The following is an excerpt from When Disaster Strikes by Matthew Stein. It has been adapted for the…

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More Than a Matter of Taste: The Science Behind Food Preferences

You might remember being a little kid and refusing to eat the broccoli that was put on your plate. But now you can’t get enough of the delicious green veggies. Why is it that your food preferences change over time? Why do you love some foods and despise others? What causes one person to love…

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Health & Wellness

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

Paperback $34.95 Add to basket

When Disaster Strikes

Paperback $24.95 Add to basket

Alone and Invisible No More

Paperback $17.95 Add to basket

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Paperback $32.95 Add to basket

The Case against Fluoride

Paperback $29.95 Add to basket

Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz (DVD)

DVD $34.95 Add to basket

The World According to Monsanto (DVD)

DVD $19.95 Add to basket

Devil in the Milk

Paperback $24.95 Add to basket

When Technology Fails

Paperback $35.00 Add to basket

Genetic Roulette

Hardcover $27.95 Add to basket

Seeds of Deception & GMO Trilogy (Book & DVD Bundle)

$27.95 Add to basket

Full Moon Feast

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket

The Herbalist’s Way

Paperback $30.00 Add to basket

Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals (DVD)

DVD $19.95 Add to basket

Seeds of Deception

Paperback $17.95 Add to basket

The Lost Language of Plants

Paperback $19.95 Add to basket