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Presidential candidate introduces law to uphold Constitution

It’s been a while since I’ve posted—it’s been very busy here at Chelsea Green for your friendly neighborhood grasshoppers. (See previous post on our new TV channel).

Our authors have also been busy, especially Naomi Wolf [1] who penned the New York Times bestseller End of America [2]. Her new video on YouTube has been viewed by thousands, and more and more citizens are asking: What can I do? Well, there is plenty that you can do.

You can watch a YouTube video [3] of a recent talk she gave at the University of Washington, and her latest blog [4] entry at Huffington Post for at least one or two things you can do to take back this country. Republican presidential contender, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, has introduced a bill embracing the legislative package being pushed by the American Freedom Agenda, the conservative counterpart to the liberal American Freedom Campaign [5]. You can read Paul’s bill, The American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007, from Naomi’s post.

Both campaigns have the same overall endgame, which is to roll back some of laws that undermine our constitutional protections to speech, liberty, and fair and equal treatment in the courts (among many other items).

Not a day goes at Chelsea Green when some patriotic citizens e-mails, calls, or pens a letter to praise Naomi’s courage to write this important book, and our courage for printing it. I’m sure all of us are on some “list” as a result of it.

Take this one recent exchange:

Chelsea Green: Hello, Chelsea Green Publishing.

Caller: HELLO?! I’m from way down in Fayetteville, Texas. I just read a book you published called End of America, and I have to tell you it is the most disturbing book I’ve ever read. I mean…it ruined my life.

CG: ….silence….

Caller: HELLO?!

CG: ….I’m sorry to hear that.

Caller: Yeah, well. I suspected that there were problems in this country but this book confirms my worst fears.

However, despite this caller’s fear—and he is a 70-year-old military retiree who saw Naomi’s Colbert Report appearance sent to him by his daughter— he is willing to take action. He’s not alone, that’s why supporting Ron Paul’s bill is a good start, as is supporting the work of the AFA and the AFC. Call your US Representative to support Paul’s bill in the House.

We can’t allow ourselves to lose faith in the power we can wield as citizens upon Congress, political candidates, and our own communities. Our leaders have lost faith in us, our democracy, and the constitution. But, power flows from us to them, not the other way around and it’s time to remind them of that important tenet.