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Audiobooks FAQ

Chelsea Green Publishing is excited to offer audiobooks for sale directly from our online bookstore via the FREE Glassboxx app. Audiobook purchases from the Chelsea Green online bookstore ensure that our authors make more on every sale and support our company.

Simply download the app (on iOS devices, Android devices, and PCs) and you’ll be able to listen to Chelsea Green audiobooks from the Glassboxx app. Downloading requires an initial internet connection, but once downloaded, your books can be enjoyed to your heart’s content in the remotest, furthest-flung corners of the earth.

The Glassboxx App will:

  • Auto-save your current position in your book so that you can pick up right where you left off.
  • Allow for skip forward/backward to recap where relevant.
  • Offer sleep timer option.
  • Play on lock-screen, enabling easy access to playback controls.
  • Play in the background while browsing other apps.
  • Play immediately and download in the background (provided internet access is available)

It’s Simple! Here’s How to Do It:

To access your audiobook once you’ve made a purchase from

Download the Glassboxx App on your phone or tablet

Or on your PC

Or on your MAC:

  • Download the dmg file:
  • Double click the file to open the installer.
  • Drag the Glassboxx icon into your Applications folder.
  • Go to Applications and click on the Glassboxx icon.
  • Click Open on the confirmation message.

Register by creating a login using the same email address that you used for your purchase.

You will see your purchased book under “MY BOOKS” in the app.

  • Tapping on the cover image will open the audiobook player and allow you to listen to the audiobook.
  • Please allow about 10 minutes for the audiobook to be available for download within the Glassboxx app.

To download Glassboxx for iOS, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for Android, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for your PC, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for MAC, CLICK HERE

Need Help?

For help using the Glassboxx apps, please go to their FAQ page.

For a complete list of Chelsea Green Publishing audiobooks available for purchase on our online bookstore CLICK HERE

Chelsea Green Publishing is a small, independently owned business, and we’re proud to partner with another small, independent business in Glassboxx!