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8 Must-Read Books for Your 2019 Reading List

Are you new to the Chelsea Green community and aren’t sure which book to read first? Or maybe you’re a long-time fan and want to continue your binge-reading but need some fresh ideas. Regardless of how you got here, we can help! From the enlightening and thought-provoking to the quirky and fun, we, the Chelsea…

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More Than a Matter of Taste: The Science Behind Food Preferences

You might remember being a little kid and refusing to eat the broccoli that was put on your plate. But now you can’t get enough of the delicious green veggies. Why is it that your food preferences change over time? Why do you love some foods and despise others? What causes one person to love…

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Prepping 101: Everything You Need for a Grab-n-Go Survival Kit

We know a lot of people are wondering what’s coming next in the US, as well as the world, given terrorism, politics, and global warming, among other threats. Given the uncertainty, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared at all times. This 72-hour survival kit will help with any initial emergencies and includes medicine, water cleaning…

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Nature & Environment

The Best of Making Things

Paperback $10.00 Add to basket

Walking on Water

Paperback $20.00 Add to basket


Paperback $15.95 Add to basket

The Man Who Planted Trees

Hardcover $25.00 Add to basket

The Earth Care Manual

Hardcover $75.00 Add to basket

Limits to Growth

Paperback $22.50 Add to basket

The Culture of Make Believe

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket

A Language Older Than Words

Paperback $24.95 Add to basket

A Cafecito Story / El cuento del cafecito

Paperback $12.95 Add to basket

The Safari Companion

Paperback $30.00 Add to basket

Seeing Nature

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket

The Soul of Soil

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket

The Man Who Planted Trees

Audio CD $16.00 Add to basket

The Contrary Farmer

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket

Loving and Leaving the Good Life

Paperback $25.00 Add to basket