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Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living

“Loving apples or cider is not a prerequisite for loving this book. All that is needed is the willingness to follow a vibrant narrative voice driven by the pursuit of dreams.”—Alice Feiring Andy Brennan owns Aaron Burr Cider in New York’s Catskills region.  Since its founding in 2011, Aaron Burr Cider has become well known…

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Elderflowers and Elderberries

We should just change the name of summer to elderberry season. It’s the perfect time to pick these berries (which aren’t actually berries) and make delicious jams, drinks, and sauces. Cooking or fermenting elderberries is crucial to unlocking their flavor. Once they are processed you will actually have an end product with plenty of health…

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Learning from Our Arboreal Allies

Akiva Silver owns and operates Twisted Tree Farm, a homestead, nut orchard, and nursery located in Spencer, New York, where he grows around 20,000 trees per year using practices that go beyond organic.  His background is in foraging, wilderness survival, and primitive skills.  He has been observing nature intensively for the last 20 years, cultivating…

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Loving and Leaving the Good Life

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