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Author Robert Kuttner to Obama: Stand and Deliver

Posted By dpacheco On April 29, 2010 @ 1:42 pm In Politics & Social Justice | No Comments

A Presidency in Peril author Robert Kuttner [1] is concerned that the Democratic party may lose a generation of voters. The reality of Obama’s presidency is proving to be too centrist and too incrementalist to really invigorate the nation’s economic future. By cozying up to Wall Street and appointing Wall Street friendly people to positions of power in his administration, Obama is threatening not only the future of his party but the hope of rapid economic recovery and long term prosperity for the middle class. Can he turn things around before it’s too late? Kuttner thinks the answer is a qualified “maybe.”

From Citizen Vox on Public Citizen [2]:

“This could have been a moment — it could still possibly be a moment — if the Obama that we’ve seen flashes of becomes the president who rises to the occasion for the next several years. But if he doesn’t, a moment to recreate a more balanced form of market and society will be lost.”

Read the whole article here. [2]

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