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ISBN: 9781856230346
Year Added to Catalog: 2008
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: B&W illustrations
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Number of Pages: 208
Book Publisher: Permanent Publications
Release Date: April 30, 2009
Web Product ID: 460

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Vegan Rustic Cooking

Through the Seasons

by Diana White


Eat. Drink. Better.

“Vegan Rustic Cooking Through the Seasons” Brings Food Inspired by Vegan-Organic Farming
Written by Gina Munsey
Published on May 22nd, 2009

For days, the rain hasn’t stopped tumbling out of thick woolen clouds.  Slowly crawling across the monochromatic canopy, these persistent clouds wrap their heavy grey fingers tightly around the leafy crowns of the brilliant rain-soaked trees.  Even when I push back the patterned curtains as far as the window frame will allow, no light comes through the glass.  The sound of raindrops crashing against the rooftop is periodically punctuated by sharp jarring claps of thunder.

Outside, brave little seedlings are gasping for breath while new blossoms hold their eyes tightly closed against the rain.  Shoots of bright green grass struggle to keep their slim heads above water.  I see an orange cat dart across the street.  He struggles to maintain aloofness, but it is clear that the weather has taken a severe toll on his dignity.  The mail retrieved from the streetside box is soggy and lifeless, the adhesive on the envelopes succumbing to the humidity.  Even inside, newly washed clothes hang limply, moisture stubbornly clinging to the threads and fibers.

On a day like this, what better thing to do than to curl up with a book?  I just received a brand-new copy of Vegan Rustic Cooking Through the Seasons, authored by Diana White of the UK’s Vegan-Organic Network, an organization whose fascinating farming methods go a step beyond traditional organic farming.

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