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CONTEST: Pro-Marijuana People, Time to Win Big

It’s simple, really. Below is a list of 3 Myth/Fact combinations about weed. One of them is totally bogus. The other two are completely legit.

The 10th person to correctly say which one is bogus (posted to the wall of our Facebook page [1]) wins a copy of Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? [2] by Steve Fox [3], Paul Armentano [4], and Mason Tvert [5].

The contest begins RIGHT NOW! Whenever you’re reading this.

1. MYTH: Today’s marijuana is significantly stronger and thus more dangerous than the marijuana of the past.

FACT: The potency of today’s cannabis is only slightly higher, on average, than the pot of twenty or thirty years ago. Marijuana’s increased potency, however, is not associated with increased health risks.

2. MYTH: Smoking pot with your children actually increases the likelihood they’ll get a high paying job.

FACT: This is up for debate. It has been noted to increase forms of filial bonds, on the other hand.

3. MYTH: Using marijuana will inevitably lead to the use of “harder” drugs like cocaine and heroin.

FACT: The overwhelming majority of marijuana users never try another illicit substance.