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December 2010

George Lakoff: Untellable Truths

Democrats of all stripes have been so focused on details of policy that they have surrendered public political discourse to conservatives, and with it the key to the nation’s future. Materialist Perspectives The differences between Democratic progressives and the president over the tax deal the president has made with Republicans is being argued from a […]

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Bye Bye, Miss American Empire – Can We Talk About Seccession Now?

The following is an excerpt from Bye Bye, Miss American Empire: Neighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels, and Their Underdog Crusades to Redraw America’s Political Map, written by Bill Kauffman, that appeared originally on Norman Mailer, the novelist and pugilist whose 1969 campaign for mayor of New York City was the most articulate and pugnacious and […]

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Bruce Levine: 5 Myths About Depression Treatments – Good News for Critically Thinking Depression Sufferers

A warning: for people satisfied with their standard depression treatments, debunking myths about them may be troubling. However, for critically thinking depression sufferers who have not been helped by antidepressants, psychotherapy, or other standard treatments, discovering truths about these treatments can provide ideas about what may actually work for them. Critical thinkers have difficulty placing […]

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Robert Kuttner: What Now for the Democrats?

Let’s imagine the political possibilities of the next two years and beyond. So far, President Obama’s response to the drubbing of the mid-term has confirmed the progressive community’s worst fears. Astonishingly, he still seems to believe the following: The American people care more about bipartisan compromise and budget cuts than about ending the economic crisis. […]

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Confronting the Myths of Water Fluoridation Promoters

The following excerpt from The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett, James Beck, and Spedding Micklem, appeared originally on last week. Proponents of fluoridation have made a number of claims that have been effective with an ill-informed public. However, when those claims are examined carefully, they are found to have little merit. Although opponents […]

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Holy Shit: The Secret Behind Creating Truly Sustainable Food

The following Q&A between Chelsea Green’s Makenna Goodman and author Gene Logsdon, whose book is Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind, originally appeared on If you’re into food, you’ve got to embrace manure. Like it or not, the bowel movement after all, is the foundation upon which the sustainable food movement stands. When […]

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Support The Efforts of Transition U.S.!

Our revered friends at Transition U.S. – a nonprofit organization devoted to the development of Transition initiatives across the country – recently shared a neat opportunity with us. (See Rob Hopkins’ The Transition Handbook to learn more about the Transition movement). By donating to Transition U.S. now through December 12th, your dollars will be quadrupled […]

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Cooking Mushrooms with Greg Marley

Author Greg Marley shared his extensive knowledge of mushrooms on the Community Kitchens program of Portland, Maine’s Community Television Network in November. He displayed and discussed several varieties of Amanita, which are poisonous, and described the ritualistic use of fungi throughout history. He also shared numerous edible and medicinal mushroom varieties, and cooked up a […]

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Holy Shit in The Atlantic

The following excerpt from Gene Logsdon’s Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind, first appeared on the website of The Atlantic Magazine on December 2nd. Why Farmers Are Flocking to Manure I half-jokingly suggested about a year ago that animal manure—used livestock, horse, and chicken bedding—was going to be the hottest commodity on the Chicago […]

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Bob Cavnar: President Faces Reality on New Offshore Drilling Areas (Sort of)

[On Wednesday], Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that the Obama administration had reversed its decision to open the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard to new offshore drilling, delaying any decision until at least 2017. New offshore drilling outside of the Western Gulf and (oddly) the Alaskan coast is officially dead. I believe […]

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