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December 2010

Poems from Matt Harvey’s Where Earwigs Dare

Here are a few poems from Where Earwigs Dare – a newly published collection of Matt Harvey’s latest poems—horticultural, whimsical, ecological, political and just plain funny. Matt is a frequent live performer (a hilariously entertaining one, at that) throughout his native U.K., and is involved with the Transition Town movement. THE COMPANY OF LEEKS down […]

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New Study Correlates Fluoride Levels in Children’s Blood to Lowered IQ

This just in from Dr. Paul Connett (The Case Against Fluoride) and the Fluoride Action Network: A very important study, titled Serum Fluoride Level and Children’s Intelligence Quotient in Two Villages in China, was pre-published by Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) on Dec 17, 2010 (EHP is published by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health […]

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Robert Kuttner: The Stimulus That Isn’t

On signing the tax-cut deal December 17, President Obama jubilantly declared “We are here with some good news for the American people this holiday season. This is progress and that’s what they sent us here to achieve.” So how have Republicans repaid Obama’s willingness to meet them three-quarters of the way? Bipartisanship evidently lasted about […]

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Gene Logsdon: Fertilizer Prices Putting Manure in the Limelight

I never thought I’d see the day when shit – the bodily kind – would make headlines the way it is right now.When my book about managing manure, Holy Shit, came out recently, erstwhile friends grinned and remarked, “You’ve been shooting the bull all your life so, sure, why not write a book about it?” […]

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Gordon Edgar picks the Best New Cheeses of 2010

Cheesemonger author Gordon Edgar selected the Best New Cheeses of 2010 for the San Francisco Weekly‘s SFoodie blog last week. Take a look at these great ideas to add to your holiday table! It shows the strength and popularity of the growing world of American craft cheese that not only are all of my top […]

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Shannon Hayes: How to Transform Your Household

The following post written by Radical Homemakers author Shannon Hayes appeared originally on the Yes! Magazine website. OK, not everyone is in a position to quit their job to spend more time at home. And not everyone wants to. That doesn’t mean that the household can’t shift toward increasing production and decreasing consumption. The transition […]

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Maggie Kozel: Confessions of a Worn-Out Pediatrician

I used to practice pediatrics. It has been several years since I decided to leave medicine, but people still ask me about it, and I find myself offering neat explanations between gulps of coffee. Of course, the full truth is much more complicated. The full truth has as much to do with our health care […]

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Jamie Court: White House and Progressives Should Be Cheering Virginia Ruling Striking Down Mandatory Health Insurance

If anything can save Democrats now, it’s populism — the notion that standing with 80 percent of Americans is real power. That’s why the White House and progressives should be cheering the decision by a conservative Virginia judge to strike down the highly-unpopular federal mandate to purchase health insurance and preserve the rest of the […]

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Ronnie Cummins: The Road Ahead – Steps Toward a Global Uprising

Editor’s Note: We are delighted today to re-post the following article by Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association. It appeared originally on The Huffington Post. December 7, 2010, Cancún, Mexico – On a beautiful sunny morning, marching down the Avenida Tulúm, our five thousand strong brigade of climate change activists, armed with colorful flags, […]

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Dr. Paul Connett on “Toxic Tap Water”

Davenport, Iowa’s The River Cities’ Reader interviewed Dr. Paul Connett on his new book, The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There, last week. Read the transcript of the interview below, or listen to the full audio file here. Don’t […]

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