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December 2006

This camel has got one strong back

I went to the big protest in NYC back before this war was launched against Iraq. And then, like pretty much almost everyone else, I went back to my standard everyday life, grumbled a bit, but kept to the sidelines as Bush went ahead anyway. Since then I’ve wondered why the impulse to protest is […]

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A straw-bale Wal-Mart?

Well, that’s asking a bit much. But apparently green building methods and materials are gaining ground fast. Gotta get your good news when you can. Green Revolution Sweeping the US Construction Industry

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Is your cow worse than your car?

A recent report find that, worldwide, livestock production releases more carbon (or carbon-equivalence) than transportation. Sustainablog has more on this. One thing I’d like to note–because nitrogen fertilizers are major contributors (nitrous oxide has 256 times the global warming power as carbon dioxide), this is yet another good reason to support organic agriculture. In fact, […]

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International politics for the preschool set

Are you having a hard time explaining the situation in Iraq to your 4-year old? Sit back, relax, and let the good people at Schoolhouse Rock (kinda) do the explaining for you. [YouTube video]

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Stephan’s on a roll: Tradable Energy Quotas

Perhaps he wrote this article for The Ecologist on his emate as well… Growing pains Stephan Harding, coordinator of the MSc in Holistic Science at the Schumacher College, explains why standard economic growth is not the answer, and why personal Tradable Energy Quotas are… [read on]

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You don’t need a new computer

It’s hard to believe, but it just might be possible to live without a snazzy new computer with multiple, blazing fast processors. Stephan Harding apparently does it, and writes great books at the same time. Here’s what he said about writing Animate Earth in an email to me this weekend: I wrote a lot of […]

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…and just in time

The solar efficiency breakthrough I mentioned just below is needed more than ever: global carbon emissions have apparently risen by 25% since 1990. Holy freakin’ cow.

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Advances in solar electricity

Last month, Bill McKibben reviewed a handful of books in the New York Review of Books, including James Lovelock’s Revenge of Gaia and, somewhat in passing, Travis Bradford’s Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry. I’m reminded of this because of an article from yesterday on a “breakthrough” in solar cell technology. […]

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Hemenway inspires conversation on doom-saying

Tip-o-the-blog to A Steep Hill for bringing this to my attention–Toby Hemenway’s recent essay on peak oil “doomers” got Brent thinking and blogging, and the coversation is interesting. Toby Hemmenway, the author of Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Homescale Permaculture (the best intro to permaculture that I know), just posted an essay examining the psychology […]

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You are what you eat–run for your life!

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then we shouldn’t be surprised that our culture seems increasingly dangerous–it seems our food is increasingly dangerous, too. Salon interviews Michael Pollan (lately elevated to Lord High Priest of all things food) (just ribbing you, Michael; you’re telling it pretty much like it is, so there’s […]

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