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The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Cookbook: Fresh-from-the-Garden Recipes for Gatherings Large and Small

More than anything, food brings us together—as families and as communities. So there is no better place to begin creating a healthier and sustainable community than around a shared table.

The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Cookbook is a beautifully illustrated collection of 200 unique and delicious vegetarian recipes fr......

Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz DVD Trailer

Contrary to popular belief, fermenting foods is a simple process. But it needs to be done correctly, and there's no better person to inform us about managing microbial bacteria to produce highly nutritious food. In fact, with Sandor Ellix Katz a.......

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May Roundup: News, Views & Stuff You Can Use
The latest news and opinions from Chelsea Green and our authors, as well as tips and techniques about how you can bring our books to life in your kitchen, backyard, or community, and special sales, promotions and new releases.
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Submitted by admin on May 21, 2015 10:02 AM
Permaculture Q&A: Perennial Plants for Temperate Climates

All month long, we are giving our readers direct access to our expert authors to answer permaculture-related questions. This week, a number of people inquired about growing food in temperate climates, specifically, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Canada.

Our award winning author Eric Toensmeier (Perennial Vegetables, Paradise Lot), and two authors from our UK publishing partner Permanent Publications, Anni Kelsey (Edible Perennial Gardening) and Stephen Barstow (Around the World in 80 Plants), unanimously agree that perennial plants are perfect for cold weather climates.

Perennials require less maintenance than typical annual crops ...
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Submitted by admin on May 20, 2015 05:06 PM
5 Shareable Strategies for Creating Climate Action

Frustrated about climate change? You’re not alone. Most people in our society find themselves somewhere on the spectrum of depressed about our climate situation to flat-out denying that it exists. In fact, the more information about global warming that piles up, the less we seem to do to combat it.

What is the reason for this paradoxical truth?

The answer can be found in how our brains respond to information about climate change, says economist and psychologist Per Espen Stoknes. In
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Submitted by admin on May 18, 2015 11:59 AM
Permaculture Advice For Beginners. Hint: Start Small

Interested in applying a permaculture approach to your land, but not quite sure where to start? In the below Q&A, authors Olivia Rathbone (The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Cookbook) and Tao Orion (Beyond the War on Invasive Species) share some advice for beginner permaculturalists.

This series is part of our Permaculture Month celebration where a panel of expert authors answer permaculture-related questions submitted by our readers. Submit your question here or check out these links to see what others are asking: How to Grow Pawpaws by Steve Gabriel Mulching ...
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Submitted by admin on May 14, 2015 09:45 AM
A Permaculture Approach to Managing Hedge Bindweed

As Permaculture Month continues, we are making our expert authors available to answer your burning permaculture questions. If you have a question to submit, fill out this form.

In the below Q&A, Tao Orion, author of the new book Beyond the War on Invasive Species, discusses how she approaches weed management. Orion believes invasive species are good ecological storytellers. If we can figure out what they are saying about the soil, the site history, and other ecosystem dynamics, then we can craft a more meaningful management plan and move towards greater plant diversity and abundance. ...
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Submitted by admin on May 13, 2015 07:45 AM
Permaculture Special: 30% off ALL Permaculture Books

Want a great garden? Take a page out of Nature's book and you'll find growing food is easier than you ever imagined.

Just add a permaculture twist to your garden or homestead and you can spend less effort, improve the health of your soil, and enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Permaculture Sale: 30% Off until May 25th

Whether you’re tackling edible garden spaces or farm fields, we have books for all levels of permaculturists. Learn more about this simple but revolutionary system with these groundbreaking books on sale. But hurry it is only ...
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