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Kaiser Poll Shows Support Still Strong for Health Care Reform

Posted By dpacheco On August 24, 2009 @ 10:15 am In Politics & Social Justice | No Comments

While it does seem that the President and Democratic Congress’s poll numbers are dropping (mainly, I think, due to Democratic frustration over the mishandling of the health care reform debate, and the administration’s attempt to quietly dump the public option amid muddled, mixed messaging), Americans still overwhelmingly support the choice of a public option.

From democrats.com [1]:

Despite all the negativity in the Corporate Media (I’m looking at you, Greg Sargent [2]), a brand new Kaiser poll [3] shows support for health care reform is strong and steady, despite a month of vicious attacks by GOP leaders, rightwing talkers, industry scare ads, and townhellers.

The core Democratic proposal – a “public option” – is supported by a solid 59%-38% (21%) majority. A simpler idea that Rep. Anthony Weiner frequently discussed – allowing people 55-64 to join Medicare – is enormously popular, polling at 75-22 (+53).

And support for a national health plan – like Canada, UK, and every other industrialized country – is dead even despite the complete demonization of “socialized medicine” in Washington DC and on Morning Joe. Imagine if we had a real debate on single-payer Medicare for all, which has the support of 87 progressive House members [4] despite the demonization?

Read the complete article—including charts and graphs—here. [1]

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