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ISBN: 9781931498814
Year Added to Catalog: 2005
Book Format: Hardcover,CD
Book Art: 60 minute CD
Number of Pages: 7 X 10, 96 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1931498814
Release Date: April 28, 2005
Web Product ID: 249

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The Man Who Planted Trees - Book and CD Set

by Jean Giono, Michael McCurdy, Wangari Maathai, Andy Lipkis

"Jean Giono's story of a man's generosity to nature-and through nature, to other humans-surely belongs among the most moving and endearing statements of our hope. The story-vision and parable and manual-correctly opposes the tree-planter, the earth-husband, to the makers of war. In the figure of Elzéard Bouffier, Giono summaries the best that can be said of our species. It has given me much joy to reread this story."


—Wendell Berry

Twenty years ago Chelsea Green published the first trade edition of The Man Who Planted Trees, a timeless eco-fable about what one person can do to restore the earth. The hero of the story, Elzéard Bouffier, spent his life planting one hundred acorns a day in a desolate, barren section of Provence in the south of France. The result was a total transformation of the landscape-from one devoid of life, with miserable, contentious inhabitants, to one filled with the scent of flowers, the songs of birds, and fresh, flowing water.

Since our first publication, the book has sold over a quarter of a million copies and inspired countless numbers of people around the world to take action and plant trees. On National Arbor Day, April 29, 2005, Chelsea Green released a special twentieth anniversary edition with a new foreword by Wangari Maathai, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and founder of the African Green Belt Movement.

The Man Who Planted Trees CD
Paul Winter consort

We have joined the Paul Winter Consort in the release of a CD version of the acclaimed audio of the story by Jean Giono. The original music was composed and is performed by the Paul Winter consort, and the text is narrated by Robert J. Lurtsema, host of "Morning Pro Musica."

About the Authors

Jean Giono

Jean Giono, the only son of a cobbler and a laundress, was one of France's greatest writers. His prodigious literary output included stories, essays, poetry, plays, film scripts, translations and over thirty novels, many of which have been translated into English. Giono was a pacifist, and was twice imprisoned in France at the outset and conclusion of World War II. He remained tied to Provence and Manosque, the little city where he was born in 1895 and, in 1970, died.

Giono was awarded the Prix Bretano, the Prix de Monaco (for the most outstanding collected work by ...

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Michael McCurdy

Michael McCurdy is one of America’s outstanding wood engravers. He has illustrated nearly 200 books for trade publications and as special fine-press editions. His prints and drawings are also shown in galleries throughout the country and at McCurdy lives in Springfield, Mass. ...

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Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai is the founder of the Green Belt Movement and the first woman to earn a doctorate in biology in East Africa. A recipient of numerous awards for her work on environmental and social issues, she was elected to Parliament by an overwhelming majority in 2003 and is currently the Assistant Secretary for Environment, Wildlife, ...

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Andy Lipkis

Andy Lipkis began planting trees to rehabilitate smog and fire damaged areas when he was 15 years old. He founded TreePeople and has served as President since 1973. TreePeople has been an international guiding light for the Citizen Forestry movement. Andy's programs include airlifting bare-root fruit trees to Africa, inspiring the planting of one million trees ...

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