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Our Holiday Sale Continues! Save 35% with Code CGFL12

Our holiday sale continues! From now until the end of the year you can save 35% on any purchase at chelseagreen.com [1] when you use the code CGFL12 at checkout. Plus, during the sale you’ll get free shipping on any orders over $100.

Fossil fuels have powered our civilization’s growth and created immense wealth for some, but the damage to the planet, its people, plants and animals—not to mention a key source of conflict around the globe—is far too costly. We publish books on renewable energy solutions that use natural resources—sun, wind and water—to power our homes and communities. We’ve highlighted some of our green building [2] and renewable energy [3] books below.

Our newest renewable energy book, Power from the People, gives community tools for financing and building small-scale, renewable sources of energy. Just take a look at the foreword by Van Jones [4] to get a feel for what it has to offer. Power from the People is our latest book in the Community Resilience Guides series, a partnership with Post Carbon Institute.

Amory Lovins’s recent book Reinventing Fire takes a serious, scientific look at the future of energy, and puts forth a plan for leaving dirty, unjust fossil fuels behind — without relying on even-filthier nuclear power — by 2050.

We’ve continued our long history of publishing books that help home-builders build houses that can be more resilient and self-reliant on passive solar architecture [5] and straw-bale construction [6]. One of those books is The Natural Building Companion [7] which comes with its own companion DVD and is the first in our Yestermorrow Design/Build Series.

Happy Holidays from the resilient Employee Owners at Chelsea Green!

P.S. Don’t forget to use the code CGFL12 when you checkout to save 35%.

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