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The Organic Dairy Production cover
Pages:104 pages
Book Art:Black and white line drawings
Size:6 x 9 inch
Publisher:Chelsea Green Publishing
Pub. Date:April 28, 2011

Organic Dairy Production

Illustrated by Jocelyn Langer
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Part of the NOFA guides. Includes information on:

  • Soils, the foundation of health (manure management)
  • Crop production and grazing management (forage species, pasture management, setting up a grazing system)
  • Livestock (selection, nutrition, winter and summer feed considerations, seasonal milking, habitat, herd health, milk quality)
  • Marketing (selling fluid milk, regulations, facility and equipment, selling raw milk)
  • Recordkeeping
  • The transition to organic

Featuring examples from various farms in the Northeast.

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About Sarah Flack

Sarah Flack is the author of Organic Dairy Production and a nationally known consultant on grazing and organic livestock. She grew up on a Vermont family farm that used management-intensive grazing and mob stocking. She later studied Holistic Planned Grazing and pursued graduate studies on pasture management at the University of Vermont. She has written extensively about grass farming and is known for teaching workshops that take a practical approach to applying the science of grazing. Sarah has successfully helped many farmers create positive change in their pastures, soils, livestock, finances, and farm-family quality of life.

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