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mustard flower

Garlic Mustard: A Gold Mine of Food and Medicine

Not all invasive plants are necessary to get rid of. Garlic Mustard has been consumed for hundreds of years and has great nutritional value. Almost the entire plant can be used to promote a healthy body-leaves, seeds, and roots! Also, the garlic-flavor is a perfect addition to any recipe that calls for mustard. The following…

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Bramble On: The Ins and Outs of Growing Raspberries

Fresh, ripe raspberries picked straight from the garden in the morning. What could be a better start to your day? According to Michael Phillips, author of The Holistic Orchard, growing your own berries is entirely possible for anyone with a bit of space and a passion for the fruit. Brambles grow from the north to…

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brown and white speckled piglets

Piglet Management

Groups of piglets running around a farm seems like a dream come true. When it comes to making sure each one is healthy and growing properly, it can get chaotic trying to figure out which pig is which. Using identification strategies to keep them organized is not only in the best interest of the farmer,…

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