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Cloudland Farm Is Home to a Most Peculiar Pair!

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June 15, 2006

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Bayberry & Beau

by Nita Choukas
Illustrated by Gillian Tyler

“I will always remember the look of delight in the eyes, and the feeling of affection in the faces of my students, as Bayberry & Beau became part of their lives. With each chapter their anticipation grew.”
Betsy Draper, first grade teacher

Have you ever seen a cat who likes to ride horses? Nita Choukas hadn’t either, until she visited Cloudland Farm and found Beau, the orange tabby, perched on the back of Bayberry, the old brown quarter horse. They were inseparable.

While the amazing friendship between this cat and this horse is very real, Bayberry & Beau (Chelsea Green, July 2006) is Choukas’s imaginary tale of how these real-life animals became friends and the adventures that followed. Peculiar things are bound to happen when a spunky tabby and an old mare team up.

Choukas’s colorful cast of characters pulls kids into the story and unleashes their imaginations. There’s Beau, the lonely barn cat who is too kind-hearted to hunt; Bayberry, the wise old quarter horse who is afraid of mice; grumpy Aunt Ruby who refuses to keep a “lazy” barn cat; Sure Bett, a feisty horse with an attitude; and Mouse Marvin, the bravest of them all.

Through the adventures of these unlikely companions, children will experience the power of strong friendships and learn the benefit of working together and caring for one another. As the animals on the farm soon learn, they all do a lot better when they collaborate.


Nita Choukas is an actress and director of school and community theater. She has written book for two children’s musicals, Lolly On His Own and An Elemental Tale. As a mother of three and grandmother of ten, she honed her storytelling over the years, and has studied literature all her life. This is her first children’s book.

Illustrator Gillian Tyler was a Max Beckman Scholar at the Museum School at the Brooklyn Museum, a Fulbright Fellow in graphics at Kunst Academie in Hamburg, Germany, and an exhibiting nominee at the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

Available July 2006 | Hardcover | $15.95 | 1-933392-35-5 | 6 1/2 x 8 1/4 | 112 pages | Ages 6 and up

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