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December 2006

Taking the coal out of your Xmas stocking

Bad children get coal in their stockings. Good children get Xboxes. Green children get carbon offsets. (Of course, 67% of the world isn’t Christian*, and so those children get bupkiss.) Are those carbon offsets worth the post-consumer recycled tree-free paper they’re printed on? A new report, reported on at WorldChanging, tries to answer that question. […]

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Publishers Weekly: thumbs up for Food Not Lawns

PW generally tries to maintain a staid persona, and getting a strictly positive review from them is like trying to get Dick Cheney to smile at Senate hearings on nationalizing the petroleum industry. So Heather Flores must have done something very right in her new book. FOOD NOT LAWNS: How to Turn Your Yard into […]

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Hooray for Diane Wilson, winner of the Blue Planet Award!

Our heroine Diane Wilson is getting just a smidge of the recognition she deserves, this time from the Foundation for Ethics & Economics in Germany. She is the recipient of this year’s Blue Planet Award, given in recognition of “her twenty-year campaign against the pollution of the Texas Gulf Coast by the chemical industry and […]

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What’s using power in your home?

With thanks to Green Arch Design for the tip, Jamais Cascio writes at WorldChanging about a nifty gadget (the “Kill a Watt”) that lets you see exactly how much electricty any individual appliance is using. You can see what’s a total hog and might be worth upgrading. You can also discover your phantom loads–I’m very […]

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My favorite quote

“We have changed the world, and we wonder why things won’t stay the same.” – Les Lanyon I think that quote pretty much sums up the contemprorary situation as well as any few words could hope to do. Much of humanity is drawn to the new that modern society has to offer: new foods, new […]

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