Celebrate Homesteading Month with Chelsea Green


It’s September, which means it’s time to celebrate homesteading: Pose a question, tell a story, win a book!

That’s right, September is International Homesteading Education Month, and throughout the month we’ll be publishing some of our favorite homesteading tips, techniques, and even recipes. We’ll be featuring authors Carol Deppe, Janisse Ray, Ben Hewitt, Philip Ackerman-Leist, as well as new authors Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer and Shawn and Beth Dougherty. The Doughertys forthcoming book is Independent Farmstead, which has already earned a coveted starred review from Library Journal. The Hervé-Gruyers published Miraculous Abundance earlier this year to wide acclaim.

From basic tips on seed saving to what skills you’ll need to be a well-rounded homesteader, we’ll offer tips and tricks. Most importantly, the authors will tell you what inspires them every day to get up and do the hard work of trying, sometimes more than once, to create systems that work for their land, their family, and their community.

We rely so much on digital connections these days that homesteading holds a particular draw for many who yearn to reconnect with the land, forge a path towards self-sufficiency, and find meaning in everyday life. Whether you’re working with four acres of land or forty, there is always room to refine your techniques and share in the wisdom of those who’ve faced similar challenges.

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to submit any and all homesteading-related questions you might have, and we’ll work to get you an answer. Or, if you have a particular story to share about how one of our books helped you become a better homesteader – we want to share your story! Folks who post a question or provide a good story will be entered to win a free copy of Independent Farmstead, and all entries will be eligible for a discount on their next purchase from our website.

To submit your homesteading question, use the form below. Feel free to put your query to the attention of a specific author (if you have a question about something you’ve read or tried in their book), or ask a general question and we’ll direct it to the right author to respond. Keep checking back throughout the month of September as we’ll not only be posting answers, but excerpts and other information to celebrate Homesteading Month.

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