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Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is a farmer, writer, carpenter, orchard consultant, and speaker who lives with his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Grace, on Heartsong Farm in northern new Hampshire, where they grow apples and a variety of medicinal herbs. Michael authored The Apple Grower and teamed up with Nancy to write The Herbalist's Way. His Lost Nation Orchard is part of a diversified mountain farm in northern New Hampshire, and he also leads the community orchard movement at

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June 29th, 2016 - 12:00 am

Michael Phillips at Sterling College

Location: 16 Sterling Drive, Craftsbury, VT, 05827 | Authors: Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips will lead a two-day workshop on holistic orcharding at Sterling College on June 29th and 30th. The tuition for this workshop is set at $200, which covers the cost of instruction, field trips, and most materials. All students will be charged a meal fee of $50 and are invited to enjoy all of their meals with us for the duration of the workshop. On-campus housing may be available, but is limited.

Find more details here.

Category: Farm & Garden | Permaculture | Transition, Homesteading & Community Resilience
Format: Course 
Book: The Holistic Orchard - Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way 

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