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Iain Tolhurst

Iain Tolhurst (Tolly, as he is known in the organic world) has been a commercial organic grower since 1976. Prior to this, four years on a large dairy farm convinced him that the way forward for agriculture was organic. He also became a vegetarian at this time. He is a pioneer of organic strawberry production and he established the first ever organic growers cooperative, Cornish Organic Growers. Since 1988 Tolly has been growing on 18 acres at Hardwick Estate in south Oxfordshire. Vegetables are now the main farm business producing over 400 vegetable bags each week for a successful local box scheme. The farm has won many awards. Tolly has visited farmers and growers around the world, given regular talks and has been an advisor for governments in the Caribbean and Moldova. Since 1994 the farm has been run stockfree being the first ever to be awarded the Stockfree-Organic Symbol. The farm has become a model for the development of the Stockfree-Organic Standards and is the main demonstration site for Stockfree Systems being visited by people from all over the world.


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