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Sarah Flack

Sarah Flack

Sarah Flack is the author of Organic Dairy Production and a nationally known consultant on grazing and organic livestock. She grew up on a Vermont family farm that used management-intensive grazing and mob stocking. She later studied Holistic Planned Grazing and pursued graduate studies on pasture management at the University of Vermont. She has written extensively about grass farming and is known for teaching workshops that take a practical approach to applying the science of grazing. Sarah has successfully helped many farmers create positive change in their pastures, soils, livestock, finances, and farm-family quality of life.

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February 23rd, 2017 - 12:00 pm

Sarah Flack at MOSES Organic University Grazing School

Location: MOSES Organic University, LaCrosse, WI | Authors: Sarah Flack

This workshop will cover the basic principals of good grazing management systems, first from the perspective of the plants, and then from the perspective of the livestock. Once we put those two important pieces together, we will discuss topics which include how to monitor pastures and animals so that we can maximize dry matter intake from pasture and use grazing to improve pasture quality and productivity. Using examples of real farm grazing systems we will cover system design, fence, water systems, lanes, paddock sizing and acreage requirements. We will talk about how to use different stocking densities, pre and post grazing heights, length of rest periods, different plant species to improve pasture and strategies to maximize dry matter intake from pasture. We will use photos of pastures, beef, sheep, goats and dairy cows to talk about how to observe and monitor pastures and cattle so that we can better understand if our grazing systems are working the way we want them to. Books will be available for sale and signing at the event.

Category: Farm & Garden
Format: Workshop 
Book: The Art and Science of Grazing - How Grass Farmers Can Create Sustainable Systems for Healthy Animals and Farm Ecosystems 

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