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Eric Toensmeier

Eric Toensmeier

Eric Toensmeier is the award-winning author of Paradise Lot and Perennial Vegetables, and the co-author of Edible Forest Gardens. Eric is an appointed lecturer at Yale University, a Senior Fellow with Project Drawdown, and an international trainer. He presents in English and Spanish throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean. Eric has studied useful perennial plants and their roles in agroforestry systems for over two decades, and cultivates about 300 species in his urban garden. His writing can be viewed online at

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March 7th, 2016 - 6:00 pm

Eric Toensmeier at Las Cañadas Agroecology and Permaculture Center

Location: Veracruz, Mexico | Authors: Eric Toensmeier

From March 7th through March 15th, Eric Toensmeier will be teaching a course in spanish at Las Cañadas in Veracruz, Mexico. The course, which will teach how to use livestock and perennial vegetables to sequester carbon, costs 7000 pesos (or approximately $425) to attend. The cost of registration includes meals and lodging. This course has a limit of 22 participants - RSVP today!

Find more details here.

Category: Farm & Garden | Permaculture | Science, Nature & Environment | Transition, Homesteading & Community Resilience
Format: Course 
Book: The Carbon Farming Solution - A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security 

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