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Toni Harman

Toni Harman

Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford are professional filmmakers who met at the London Film School more than twenty years ago. Since then, they’ve been making films together.

Over recent years, they have made four feature-length films that have been distributed internationally, including Credo (2008, released as The Devil’s Curse by Lionsgate in the United States), a psychological thriller; Doula! (2010); and Freedom for Birth (2012), a documentary about human rights in childbirth.

Their most recent film, Microbirth (2014)—about how birth impacts a baby’s lifelong health—won the Grand Prix Award at the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague.


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The LSFF 2014 Grand Prix with the financial prize of EUR 3000 goes to the British film Microbirth directed by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford. The film outlines the world of microorganisms present in the human body that constitute its microbiome. During childbirth these bacteria colonise the body of the newborn baby and activate its immune system. The latest research shows that natural birth is necessary for the organism to be colonised by the “right” set of microorganisms and that interventions, such as inducing labour or Caesarean section, disrupt this process, which can have a negative effect for the whole development and health of the individual.

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