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Ben Hartman at Lean Enterprise Institute Summit

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Nashville, TN
Date:  March 25th 2018   -   March 27th 2018

Ben Hartman at Pikeville Farmers Market

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Pikeville Farmers Market, KY
Date:  March 10th 2018

Tao Orion at Ecological Landscaping Alliance Conference

Author: Tao Orion
Location:  Amherst, MA
Date:  March 8th 2018
Tao Orion will be speaking at the Ecological Landscaping Alliance's annual conference on March 8, 2018. More details to come!

Michael Phillips at MOSES Conference

Author: Michael Phillips
Location:  MOSES, La Crosse, WI
Date:  February 22nd 2018

Ben Hartman at Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference, Traverse City, MI
Date:  January 26th 2018

(tentative) Tradd Cotter at VABF Conference

Author: Tradd Cotter
Location:  VABF Conference, Hot Springs, VA
Date:  January 22nd 2018

Ben Hartman at Mid-Ohio Growers Association

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Mid-Ohio Growers Association, millersburg, OH
Date:  January 11th 2018

Location:  ACRES USA, Columbus, OH
Date:  December 7th 2017

Michael Phillips at ACRES USA Conference

Author: Michael Phillips
Location:  ACRES USA, Columbus, OH
Date:  December 5th 2017
Michael will teach an all-day session on orcharding and a soil micro-life session in the main conference. More details to come.

Courtney White at ACRES USA Conference

Author: Courtney White
Location:  ACRES USA Conference, Columbus, OH
Date:  December 5th 2017