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Ben Hartman at Lean Enterprise Institute Summit

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Nashville, TN
Date:  March 25th 2018   -   March 27th 2018

Ben Hartman at Pikeville Farmers Market

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Pikeville Farmers Market, KY
Date:  March 10th 2018

Tao Orion at Ecological Landscaping Alliance Conference

Author: Tao Orion
Location:  Amherst, MA
Date:  March 8th 2018
Tao Orion will be speaking at the Ecological Landscaping Alliance's annual conference on March 8, 2018. More details to come!

Michael Phillips at MOSES Conference

Author: Michael Phillips
Location:  MOSES, La Crosse, WI
Date:  February 22nd 2018

Location:  Napa Library, 580 Coombs St., Napa, CA
Date:  February 17th 2018
Dr. Michelle Perro and Dr. Vincanne Adams will discuss their new book, "What's Making Our Children Sick," at the Napa Library in conjunction with Napa Bookmine on February 17 at 2:00 PM.

Ben Hartman at Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference, Traverse City, MI
Date:  January 26th 2018

Michael Phillips at VABF Conference

Author: Michael Phillips
Location:  VABF Conference, Hot Springs, VA
Date:  January 22nd 2018

Gianaclis Caldwell at Eugene Good Earth Home and Garden Show

Author: Gianaclis Caldwell
Location:  Good Earth Home and Garden Show, Eugene, OR
Date:  January 19th 2018
More details to come...

Ben Hartman at Mid-Ohio Growers Association

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Mid-Ohio Growers Association, millersburg, OH
Date:  January 11th 2018

Location:  ACRES USA, Columbus, OH
Date:  December 7th 2017