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Linda Elsegood at LDN Conference

Author: Linda Elsegood
Location:  8235 Ne Airport Way, Portland, OR, 97220
Date:  September 22nd 2017   -   September 24th 2017
Linda Elsegood will speak at the 2017 LDN conference. This year's event will take place at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

Patricia Daly at KetoCon 2017

Author: Patricia Daly
Location:  Austin, TX
Date:  September 1st 2017   -   September 3rd 2017
Patricia Daly will speak at the 2017 KetoCon in Austin, Texas. More details to come!

Sandor Katz at Sterling College

Author: Sandor Ellix Katz
Location:  Sterling College, Craftsbury Commons, VT
Date:  August 14th 2017

The Art of Fermentation: World-renowned fermentation educator and author Sandor Katz leads this hands-on exploration of the production of fermented vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. Students will learn processes for fermenting primarily plant-based materials: from the basic techniques of vegetable fermentation to tonic beverages, mold cultures, and fermenting legumes and grains. We will also work with dairy ferments such as yogurt and kefir. Students will connect with traditional foodways across a range of cultures and experience the transformative, health-giving power of beneficial microbes. Classroom sessions will focus on the history and science of fermentation, as well as the feasibility of marketing small-batch fermented products. Using the bounty of Sterling’s own vegetable gardens and greenhouses, students will transform the abundance of the harvest through fermentation, and practice what they have learned through the preparation of a fermented feast for the community.

August 14-18, 2017

Richard Miscovich at Sterling College

Author: Richard Miscovich
Location:  Sterling College, Craftsbury Commons, VT
Date:  July 10th 2017

Artisan Breadmaking & Heritage Grains: Connecting to the origins of sustenance, students in Sterling College’s Artisan Breadmaking course will practice the art of breadmaking using both domestic and wild yeasts with an emphasis on baking with retained heat provided by Sterling’s wood-fired ovens. Baking in commercial and home ovens will also be covered. This journey starts with bread baking fundamentals but also explores diverse concepts such as long-fermented naturally leavened breads and sprouted grains and sprouted grain flours. Sterling’s location in a regional grain system allows us the opportunity to experiment with a variety of locally grown and milled grains. Our production of hand-crafted hearth breads will be interspersed with visits to sustainable grain farms and artisan bakers reviving place- and community-based approaches to the ancient crafts of milling and breadmaking. Students will start their own starters from scratch, allowing flour and water to culture with wild yeasts. We’ll study the history, significance, and community-building power of bread around the world and throughout the ages.

July 10-14, 2017

Location:  4 -18 Harrington Gardens, London, United Kingdom, SW7 4LH
Date:  June 29th 2017   -   July 2nd 2017
Nasha Winters will speak at the International Naturopathic Medical Symposium on June 29-July 2 in London at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Center.

Eric Toensmeier at North American Agroforestry Conference

Author: Eric Toensmeier
Location:  Virginia Tech, Squires Student Center, Blacksburg, VA
Date:  June 27th 2017   -   June 29th 2017
Eric Toensmeier will keynote at the 2017 North American Agroforestry Conference at Virginia Tech on June 27-29. Early registration begins February 15, 2017

Larry Korn at Soil Sun Soul Workshop

Author: Larry Korn
Location:  Sanillés, Carretera de Lles Lles de Cerdanya, Lerida, Spain, 25726
Date:  June 26th 2017   -   July 3rd 2017
Join Larry Korn for a 7-day workshop with Tracie Sage near Barcelona, Spain on the theory and practice of Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming from June 26 -July 3. Cost to participate in this course is set at 700 Euro.

Ross Conrad at Vermont Veteran Farmers

Author: Ross Conrad
Location:  Wildroots Farm, Bristol, VT
Date:  June 24th 2017   -   June 25th 2017
Ross Conrad will lead a Two-Day Organic Beekeeping Intensive For Beginners on June 24-25 with the Vermont Veteran Farmers at Wildroots Farm. More details to come!

David Asher at Sterling College

Author: David Asher
Location:  Sterling College, Craftsbury Commons, VT
Date:  June 12th 2017

The Art of Natural Cheesemaking: From culture propagation to rennet coagulation and on to affinage, this comprehensive and hands on course covers nearly all aspects and styles of farmhouse cheesemaking. Five days of learning allows students to prepare many styles of cheese and observe the stages of their evolution, providing insight into how many cheeses can evolve from the very same milk, with the same culture, and the same rennet. The course will focus on natural methods and a full circle approach to home and micro-scale cheesemaking. Class begins with a session on dairy fermentation, covering kefir, creme fraiche, cultured butter, yogurt, clabber, and quark. Next, we will explore fresh lactic cheeses such as cream cheese, chèvre, and geotrichum-candidum ripened lactic cheeses, including Crottin, Valencay and Saint Marcellin. We’ll deepen our study by looking at rennet cheeses: One morning, we’ll prepare a basic curd that can become many different styles of cheese. By the afternoon, the curd’s acidity will have developed, enabling us to stretch the cheese into mozzarella, burratta, and other pasta filata cheeses. We will then investigate blue cheeses and explore the different rind ecologies, including the white fungus of Camembert and the orange rinds of Limburger. Last, we make an Alpine Cheese and a Cheddar; with their leftover whey we prepare a batch of fresh, warm Ricotta. “The Art of Natural Cheesemaking” offers a well-rounded understanding of the opportunities available to safely and deliciously create value-added dairy products ecologically and without reliance on manufactured cultures.


June 12-16, 2017

Michael Phillips at Sterling College

Author: Michael Phillips
Location:  Sterling College, Craftsbury Commons, VT
Date:  June 12th 2017

Ecological Orcharding: Berry and fruit production is of great value to many home gardeners, as well as small-scale and part-time market growers. This five day course presents a whole system-based approach for producing delicious, nutritionally dense fruits and berries. You will learn the tricks of cultivating a thriving, diverse orchard that is naturally resilient to pests and disease and has beneficial fungal dynamics. We will cover how to improve the biology of the orchard and soil to support optimal production, developing an understanding the mutual benefits of diverse orchard plantings, pollinators and beneficial insects, and soil fertility and microbiome. We will also learn to create natural sprays that boost plant immune response, explore the role of mycorrhizal fungi and teach techniques for managing and maintaining year-round orchards for optimal growth. Selecting varieties for climate, flavor, and marketability will be a focus, as will timing and methods of harvesting that capture sweet treats at their peak. Additionally, we will explore some of the value-added products made from the berries and fruits that thrive in Vermont, and ways of marketing those products.

June 12-16, 2017