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Posted on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 4:35 pm by JTE

Lappé’s title says ‘capitalism that works for all,’ but it’s clear that what she means is ‘market economics that works for all.’ (That’s why I inserted “(sic)” into her title. Her title is much more interesting, but considering her first couple paragraphs, a little strange since obviously incorrect. Anyway, I’m nitpicking. The story she’s reporting on is good and deserves to be spread around.

Capitalism [sic] That Works For All
By Frances Moore Lappé, AlterNet
Posted on June 23, 2006, Printed on June 23, 2006

A market economy and capitalism are synonymous — or at least joined at the hip. That’s what most Americans grow up assuming. But it is not necessarily so. Capitalism — control by those supplying the capital in order to return wealth to shareholders — is only one way to drive a market.

Granted, it is hard to imagine another possibility for how an economy could work in the abstract. It helps to have a real-life example.

And now I do.

[ cont'd ]

PS: May I interest you in some Ethical Markets?

PPS: See also, Wikipedia on Mondragon.


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