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Good Food Corner: Spicy Fried Egg and Tomato

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Add some punch to a bland winter afternoon. Dust off your frying pan and whip up some Spicy Fired Egg and Tomato for yourself or your family. Taken from This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow, this recipe is great for less-than-perfect tomatoes. For this recipe you will need: 1 mild green chili pepper, 4 tablespoons unrefined corn oil, 1 teaspoon cumin, 8 tomoatoes, 4 eggs, salt and pepper.

1. chop the green chili pepper finely
2. fry lightly in the corn oil
3. stir in cumin and fry for another minute
4. cut tomatoes in halves and add them to the pan, salt and pepper to taste
5. fry lightly on both sides without letting the tomatoes burn
6. when the tomatoes are soft, lift them onto a plate and keep warm while you fry 4 eggs in the remaining cumin and oil
7. serve immediately with 2 tomatoes for each egg

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The Beauty of Craft

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Whether you’re a glue-gun shy admirer of artisans or a registered member of the Church of Craft (yes, it exists), you’re sure to be impressed by the beauty and richness of Resurgence magazine’s most recent art anthology. The Beauty of Craft, edited by Sandy Brown and Maya Kumar Mitchell, features full color photographs and rare glimpses into the thoughts, stories, observations, and feelings of craftspeople who usually leave their work to speak for itself. Artists and crafts include: Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, glassblowing; Clio Mitchell, weaving; Louis Allison Cort, basket making; Ianto Evans, cob; Margot Coatts, silversmithing;Roger Deakin, leather work; and Edmund De Waal, pottery.

History Channel cites GMOs as a Doomsday Technology

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Seeds of Deception author Jeffrey Smith appeared on a segment of the History Channel program Modern Marvels: Doomsday Tech, last month to talk about genetic engineering as a technological threat. The second hour of the show highlighted the potential threats of a large asteroid or comet, bioterrorism, dependence on computers, and genetic engineering. Jeffrey Smith writes, “Although the brief segment on genetic engineering barely touches the extensive potential dangers, its appearance on this show about doomsday technologies conveys the gravity of [the GMO] situation.” This March, Jeffrey Smith will release his own dvd on the subject, “Healthy Eating Means No Genetically Engineered Foods,” which will be available from Chelsea Green.

Patio Trophies: Saunas and Stoves

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Backyard masonry ovens have caught on! In an article in last Thursday’s New York Times Home section, Deborah Baldwin asked Bread Builders author Daniel Wing about a growing trend in building patio ovens. “People carry with them a memory of great meals and of great bread they’ve had in their life,” Dr. Wing said, “and they aren’t happy until they can buy it or bake it.” Dr. Wing, whom the New York Times calls “an evangelist for sourdough and blue smoke,” keeps his own masonry oven on wheels in Corinth, VT.

Not into baking? That’s no reason to have a bland backyard! Build yourself a sauna this winter and stay warm with Rob Roy’s new, full color guide to do-it-yourself sauna building. You can download Rob’s thoughts on saunas for free here. His new, updated and expanded edition of The Sauna outlines exactly how you can build a cordwood masonry or traditional timber sauna in your own yard.

Read the New York Times article on Bread Builders

Gonzales, Guantanamo, and Democracy

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Last week, Amy Goodman interviewed Guantanamo author Michael Ratner on Democracy Now, asking his opinion on the Gonzales nomination and its implications for human rights. “The road from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib was paved with the memos of Gonzales,” said Ratner. You can read those memos and find more about Alberto Gonzales’ track record on human rights abuses in Guantanamo.

Help expose the truth about the Gonzales nomination. Give your friends, family, and Senators a copy of Guantanamo. This month’s special is a 10-pack of Guantanamo, with 10 books for the price of 5.

Listen to Michael Ratner on Democracy Now

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