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ISBN: 9781603584166
Year Added to Catalog: 2012
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Full-Color Throughout
Dimensions: 8 x 10
Number of Pages: 368
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Web Product ID: 721

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The New Horse-Powered Farm

Tools and Systems for the Small-Scale, Sustainable Market Grower

by Stephen Leslie

Foreword by Lynn Miller

"It may seem strange to link the adjective 'ultra-modern' with the noun 'horse-farming,' but that's exactly what this new book does with unimpeachable justification. The New Horse-Powered Farm is surely the most detailed and easily understood compendium of instruction on how-to care for and use workhorses ever written. But there's more. Along the way, this book provides a complete manual on all aspects of modern market farming. Anyone looking for documentary proof that horses and small-scale farming are the wave of the future, look no further."

Gene Logsdon, author of A Sanctuary of Trees and Small-Scale Grain Raising

With information on draft-powered vegetable and grains production, working in the woodlot, haying, and whole-farm management

In an era when fuel is a primary concern, draft horses are seen by many as the solution to small-scale, resilient farming with a closed-loop system. Horses bring farmers back to the roots of what it means to work the land and present a viable model for a lasting small farm.

The New Horse-Powered Farm is the first book of its kind, offering wisdom and techniques for using horse power on the small farm or homestead. “This book is not about trying to go back to some idyllic past,” writes author and longtime horse farmer Stephen Leslie in the Introduction. “It is designed to be a manual to help us move a few steps forward to a more sustainable future.”

The New Horse-Powered Farm sets the stage for incorporating draft power on the farm by presenting necessary information for experienced and novice teamsters alike, including:

• Getting started with workhorses;
• The merits of different draft breeds;
• Various training systems for the horse and teamster;
• Haying with horses, seeding crops, and raising small grains;
• In-depth coverage of tools and systems;
• Managing a woodlot, farm economics, education, agritourism,
and more.

Novice teamsters will also learn the basic tools of horse-drawn tillage and cultivation used for profitable horse-powered farming, with a spotlight on whole-farm management.

The New Horse-Powered Farm includes profiles throughout of farms that epitomize some of the exciting new trends in agriculture and highlights the new and old horse-drawn equipment used for profitable market gardening, including contributions directly from the farmers about what works and what doesn’t. Leslie includes recent studies on the economics of horse-powered market gardening and offers a comparison between horse-, human-, and tractor-powered systems. A valuable resources section includes contact information for teamster schools, draft-animal publications, annual events, equipment and tool manufacturers, parts and repairs, and more.

The New Horse-Powered Farm is a must-have resource for any farmer, homesteader, or teamster seeking to work with draft power in a closed-loop farming system.

About the Author

Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie is the author of The New Horse-­Powered Farm, published by Chelsea Green in 2013. He began his farming career in 1992 at Hawthorne Valley, a biodynamic farm in upstate New York, where he worked for three years as an apprentice. Since then, in partnership with his wife, Kerry Gawalt, he has made his living farming and gardening with draft horses. Currently, Stephen and Kerry and their daughter, Maeve, own and operate Cedar Mountain Farm, a Fjord-­horse-­powered CSA and Jersey-­cow dairy at the Cobb Hill Cohousing in Hartland, Vermont. Stephen is a regular contributor to the Small Farmer’s Journal ...

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