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ISBN: 9783935573450
Year Added to Catalog: 2012
Book Format: DVD
Dimensions: 59 minutes
Book Publisher: DENKmal-Film/Yes! Books
Release Date: February 15, 2012
Web Product ID: 682

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Scientists Under Attack DVD

by Bertram Verhaag

When scientist Arpad Pusztai reported that genetically modified (GM) foods caused serious health problems in rats, he was a hero at his prestigious UK institute -- for two days. But after two phone calls (apparently) from the Prime Minister's office, he was fired, gagged, and mercilessly attacked. When UC Berkely professor Ignacio Chapela discovered GM corn contamination in Mexico, he too faced a firestorm of distortion and denial that left him struggling to salvage his career. Find out how the biotech industry "engineers" the truth and what they are trying to hide from you. By Bertram Verhaag, with bonus film: Monster Salmon.

About the Author

Bertram Verhaag

Bertram Verhaag was born in Sosnowitz (Upper Silesia) in 1944, studied sociology and economics. Freelance worker in the department of urban development in Munich for three years. He attended the Munich College of Film and TV. In 1976 he founded DENKmal-Film Production with Claus Strigel. Collaborating as producers, authors and directors, they have produced more than 90 films for cinema and television. ...

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