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ISBN: 9780963944436
Year Added to Catalog: 2012
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Full-Color Throughout
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11
Number of Pages: 168
Book Publisher: Home Energy Magazine
Release Date: October 7, 2013
Web Product ID: 736

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No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition

How to Create a Comfortable, Healthy Home That Saves Energy

by The Editors of Home Energy Magazine

"More than ever, homeowners are asking how to make their home healthier and more energy efficient. From personal experience, I know the road to remodeling can be filled with headaches. There are multiple confusing choices as to which efficiency improvements will be most beneficial, along with a myriad of financing options. With expert advice, checklists, and recommendations to fit your needs, this book is a must-have guide for your next home remodeling project."

Nancy Skinner, California State Assemblymember, and author of legislation to expand and incentivize energy efficiency improvements in residential and commercial buildings

The second edition of No-Regrets Remodeling will educate homeowners about opportunities for improving their home's energy efficiency and comfort at one of the most critical junctures in home ownership. That moment comes when homeowners are faced with the decision to remodel a recently purchased or existing home, or due to a component failure, need to upgrade their home's HVAC, appliances, lighting, or other energy-related systems.

No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition is not a technical guide for the pro or serious hands-on DIYer. It's oriented to the homeowner who wants to make the right decisions to improve their home's comfort, safety, durability, and energy savings, but isn't prepared to do more than simple weatherizing or efficiency measures.

No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition is valuable as a consumer-education tool for builders, remodelers, and home-performance retrofitters. But most importantly, No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition will educate homeowners on how to choose the right professional for the job.

No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition introduces homeowners to the concepts of whole-home performance, energy auditing, energy rating, and how HVAC systems and other elements of a home work together. No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition will help homeowners understand and control energy use in their homes, pointing out money-saving opportunities they can take advantage of now, as well as helping them plan for future upgrades when they can afford them.

About the Author

The Editors of Home Energy Magazine

Home Energy magazine—the magazine of home performance since 1984—assembled a team of editors and authors to work on the second edition of No-Regrets Remodeling. Our lead editor was Carol Venolia, who was honored by The Green Economy Post as one of ten pioneering women in green design, and named a Green Design Trailblazer by Natural Home Magazine. Carol is the author of Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House and Get Back to Nature without Leaving Home. ...

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