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WATCH: New Zealand News Exposes the Devil in Our Milk

Keith Woodford [1], author of The Devil in the Milk [2], believes that the milk we drink is dangerous—and potentially deadly.

In this video from a New Zealand news program, the possible adverse effects of most of the milk that’s sold—called A1, after a certain protein it contains—are discussed.

Beverly Lockhart: There are two types of milk: A1 or A2, and Woodford says the A1 type can cause serious health problems, including autism, schizophrenia, heart disease, and type 1 diabetes.

Keith Woodford: They don’t usually affect all of us. It’s only a proportion of the people. But the evidence has now got to the stage where, in my opinion, it’s probably gone beyond compelling to the stage where it is overwhelming.

Direct Link to YouTube [QW4s6Ku0XAc] [3]