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10 Tips to Lower Your Carbon Footprint When You Shop

It’s a fact of modern life that we have to buy Stuff—most of us aren’t farmers, for example, and even farmers have to buy Stuff to keep their farms going. That Stuff we buy has a carbon footprint. We can’t eradicate it, but we can do our darndest to shop responsibly and make sure the Stuff we buy leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Here are 10 things you can do to fight climate change while you shop.

The following is an excerpt from Climate Change: Simple Things You Can Do to Make a Difference [1] by Jon Clift [2] and Amanda Cuthbert [3]. It has been edited for the Web.

What does my shopping have to do with climate change?

Buying locally produced products = less CO2

What can I do about it?

  1. Buy locally grown food, in season, from your local markets and farm stands. Reduce your food miles — avoid food that has traveled a long way to reach you.
  2. Buy organic if possible: organic food and clothing will have been grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
  3. Buy furniture made from natural timber that has come from a sustainable source. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) symbol.
  4. Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances.
  5. Plan your shopping so that you do as much in one trip as possible.
  6. Use a bike or the bus for your shopping trips where possible.
  7. Share a car — shop with a friend.
  8. Buy secondhand whenever you can.
  9. Buy goods that will last.
  10. Buy less!

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