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The Uses of Wild Plants cover
Pages:264 pages
Book Art:Black and white illustrations
Size:8.5 x 11 inch
Publisher:Green Man Publishing
Pub. Date:September 17, 2007

The Uses of Wild Plants

Using and Growing the Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

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A must-have for foragers, botanists, herbalists, gardeners, permaculturists, and anyone who wants to learn more about wild plants, this insightful guide provides interesting and valuable uses for more than 1200 species in 500 genera of wild plants found throughout North America and beyond.

The Uses of Wild Plants provides a survey of how plants have been used for food, drink, medicine, fuel, clothing, intoxicants, and more throughout history. Each listing includes a detailed description and drawing to aid in identifying these valuable plants in your garden and in the wild.

Greenthumbs will learn cultivation techniques for the most significant of these plants, and their uses in the garden. Tozer foresees a future where plants are an integral part of an ecologically sustainable society. They will provide renewable sources of energy, fertilizer, chemicals, building materials, and more, and will give us the means to clean our waterways and groundwater, desalinate soil, recover valuable nutrients from waste, and maybe even help to slow global warming.

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About Frank Tozer

Frank Tozer has been fascinated by gardening, food plants and edible wild plants for as long as he can remember. He grew up in England, but moved to the United States as a young man and travelled extensively before settling down to grow plants, first in Connecticut and then in California and Washington. For a time he was an apprentice at the UCSC Farm and Garden in Santa Cruz, where he learned how to grow vegetables more methodically and abundantly. In many respects his journey closely parallels that of many earlier European settlers in America. He arrived with nothing, travelled overland across the country, settled in the Santa Cruz mountains, built a house (almost singlehandedly), carved a productive garden from the surrounding woods and raised a family. He has had many paying jobs over the years, as a gardener, carpenter, plumber, jeweler, solar installer, general contractor, farmer and writer. Tozer is the author of four books. The Uses Of Wild Plants, The New Food Garden, The New Vegetable Growers Handbook and The Organic Gardeners Handbook.

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