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Davidson Loehr

Davidson Loehr

Davidson Loehr was a professional musician, a Vietnam War combat photographer, and a carpenter before beginning his formal education in religion and philosophy.  In 1979, he enrolled at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He left in 1986, with an MA degree in methods of studying religion, and a Ph.D. in theology, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science. The title of his dissertation was "The Legitimate Heir to Theology: A Study of Ludwig Wittgenstein." Since 1986, Davidson has served Unitarian churches in Michigan, New York and Minnesota. Currently, he is a liberal minister for a Unitarian congregation in Austin, Texas.

Heresy comes from a Greek word meaning "to choose." It's the path of those who, throughout history, have chosen "the road less traveled." And as Robert Frost observed, it makes all the difference. Heresy is also, Davidson says, about the only place where the holy spirit can be found. "The religion of the priests is always orthodox, and always serving the gods of the culture, mostly money. The religion of the prophets is always heretical, choosing better stories and more demanding paths. It's the only religion worthy of the name." Well, that's just what a heretic would say!


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