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Laura Ten Eyck at SUNY Cobleskill Lifestyle Farming Conference

Author: Laura Ten Eyck
Location:  SUNY Cobleskill, 106 Suffolk Circle, NY
Date:  November 11th 2018

Amy Halloran at Sterling College

Author: Amy Halloran
Location:  Sterling College, Craftsbury Commons, VT
Date:  August 8th 2018
Amy Halloran will participate in a Seed School that Sterling College is hosting in association with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance on August 8 and 9.

Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas at Monadnock Lyceum

Authors: Sy Montgomery Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Location:  Monadnock Summer Lyceum, Peterborough, NH
Date:  July 8th 2018
Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas will speak as part of the Monadnock Lyceum Summer Speaking Series on July 8.

Jereme Zimmerman at Plant Healer Good Medicine Conference

Author: Jereme Zimmerman
Location:  Good Medicine Conference, Durango, CO
Date:  May 16th 2018   -   May 20th 2018

Doug Fine at NoCo Hemp Expo

Author: Doug Fine
Location:  Loveland, CO
Date:  April 6th 2018
The hemp industry has come on faster than any in history since (and as predicted and planned for at) NoCo 1. Now NoCo has 6,000 attendees, the industry is worth close to a billion dollars annually, and Doug has keynoted every one of these vital industry gatherings. Join him, his Colorado Hemp Company friends and, oh, yeah, everyone and everything in the world's largest hemp expo. Doug will relate what it's like to launch a product, cultivate large and small acreage, and navigate regulations in four times zones, all while filming a television show about the industry’s birth.

Ben Hartman at Lean Enterprise Institute Summit

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Nashville, TN
Date:  March 25th 2018   -   March 27th 2018

Ben Hartman at Pikeville Farmers Market

Author: Ben Hartman
Location:  Pikeville Farmers Market, KY
Date:  March 10th 2018

Beth and Shawn Dougherty at Organic Growers School Spring Conference

Authors: Beth Dougherty Shawn Dougherty
Location:  Organic Growers School Spring Conference, UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC
Date:  March 9th 2018   -   March 11th 2018

Philip Ackerman-Leist at Organic Growers School

Author: Philip Ackerman-Leist
Location:  Organic Growers School, Asheville, NC
Date:  March 9th 2018   -   March 11th 2018

Tao Orion at Ecological Landscaping Alliance Conference

Author: Tao Orion
Location:  Amherst, MA
Date:  March 8th 2018
Tao Orion will be speaking at the Ecological Landscaping Alliance's annual conference on March 8, 2018. More details to come!