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January 2012

Winter Farming Conference Season Begins This Weekend in Massachusetts!

One of the great things about a northeastern winter is the strong sense of community the harsh weather can inspire. A great way to feel that collective joy is to check out your local organic farming organization, and visit their winter conference! You’ll get to hang out with small-farmers — a fun and down-to-earth crowd, […]

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Is GMO Labeling A He-Said, She-Said Debate?

There’s no question where Chelsea Green stands in this debate. We believe eaters have a right to know what they’re eating, and the right to choose what they believe is healthy — which includes avoiding GMOs if they agree with most of the organic foods community that these franken-foods are questionable at best. Foods containing […]

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Chelsea Green Announces New Hires, New Plans for 2012

Coming off a strong financial finish for the year, Vermont-based independent book publisher Chelsea Green today announced a series of new hires and strategic reorganization for 2012. “We had a very strong finish to the year, with significant growth overall for both print and digital. We remain focused on the content, acquiring the very best […]

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Slow Money Success Story: Slow Seafood in Maine

Yet another exciting Slow Money Success Story, this time from a delicious, if chilly, source: the coast of Maine! This article originally appeared on Slow Money can put seafood enterprises on the fast track, by Joanne Friedrick With the goal of “bringing money back down to earth,” the Slow Money movement started in 2008 […]

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A Field Day with Gene Logsdon

Reposted from the Rodale Institute. Organic pioneer, farmer and author Gene Logsdon welcomes Susie Sutphin to his farm and talks about farming as art, 16” ears of corn, feeding the world, getting small and staying contrary. By Susie Sutphin In 1974, a book of poems came across Gene Logsdon’s desk  while he was working for […]

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Pluck ’em!

With all the doom and gloom about the future of the book industry, it can feel like book sellers and publishers are being led, like lambs — or chickens — to the slaughter. Which gave us an idea here at Chelsea Green: Pluck ’em! Why limit ourselves to publishing books about sustainability and regeneration and […]

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The History and Natural Magic of Fermentation

The Field Trip podcast takes a tour through the world of pickles, meeting a couple of masters of the tangy arts. They talk to Sandor Ellix Katz, who muses on the long and delicious history of our relationship to ferments. That section starts around 16:58, and is well worth a listen! He answers questions like: […]

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Gordon Edgar’s Favorite New Cheeses of 2011

Reposted from SF Weekly, author Gordon Edgar sheds some light on his favorite new cheeses of the past year! By this point in his career, Gordon Edgar, head cheese-buyer at Rainbow Grocery and author of Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge, knows a good cheese when he sees one. “The most exciting thing I found […]

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The Year In Review – NORML’s Top 10 Events That Shaped Marijuana Policy in 2011

Earlier this year we were happy to see our book Marijuana is Safer pass the 500,000 fan milestone on Facebook — but not without some nonsense from the bots over supportive ads we wanted to post. No long-term harm was done by Facebook’s reticence to allow our ads, thankfully. They eventually backed down, and the […]

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Enter to Win Seven New Books!

You could be the lucky winner of this fabulous set of new titles from Chelsea Green! Just enter your information here for a chance. Even better than seven awesome books…is fifteen of them! One of these books is actually our ultra-concise and useful NOFA Guides Set — which consists of eight slim volumes on various […]

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